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Installing the New Delta Corrente Toilet

Delta Corrente Toilet

As part of a recent campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Delta Faucets, I was able to receive and review the new Delta Corrente Toilet. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to receive a new toilet from Delta. Some of you know that I have been on the hunt for new toilets since I bought my house a year and a half ago. I could almost swear that the previous owners NEVER cleaned the toilets here. They get nasty so fast because that is what they were used to – filth. I have to clean them three times a week to stay in “decent” order and cleanliness. Even still, these old toilets drive me crazy. Luckily, I was able to replace our toilet on the main floor with the new Delta Corrente elongated toilet. 

Right out of the package, the Delta Corrente is so shiny, new, and sleek looking. I have a definite preference for elongated bowls opposed to round. They are just nicer thrones to sit upon. My initial thought was that this toilet looks rather large. In really evaluating the toilet I have come to realize that the tank is actually quite sleek and not large at all. This gives you more wall space for starters. The toilet seat part is higher than I am used to but overall I think it looks great.

EZ Out Toilet Removal Kit

I have to admit that I had my husband install the toilet along with the necessary plumbing parts while I was in Wyoming a couple of weeks ago. I had him walk me through the installation process via email, and he was a good boy about taking pictures along the way. One thing he commented on was how impressed he was with all of the great instructions that came with the toilet, and online. In addition to the instructions, he was wowed that the toilet came with an EZ Out Toilet Removal Kit and clean-up supplies! Disposing of an old toilet and swapping it out can be a messy job.

The EZ Out tools came in handy for sure! So much junk and gunk to clean up off of the floor when taking out the old toilet. Luckily the new toilet fit in the old toilet’s spot just great!

Now that we have the Delta Corrente toilet installed I must say that it is so much better than our old toilet. So nice and sleek, and easy to clean. Of course, flush power is important! This toilet is advertised as being virtually clog-free and so far we’ve had no issues! One flaw I have found is that the toilet seat does get a little loose. It may not be a problem but I do worry about it breaking. Hopefully it’s just a fluke and that over time with tightening it will be just fine. The Delta Corrente includes the exclusive SmartFit™ tank-to-bowl connection and SmartFit™ supply line, reducing potential leak points, over-tightening of the fasteners and cracking the toilet.

Overall it’s a great value and I am pleased with the finished product. I am no longer embarrassed to have guests use my guest bathroom!

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