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Savings and Ease from Walmart Family Mobile #FamilyMobileSaves

As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®, I have been testing out the Walmart Family Mobile plan. Okay, I’ll admit I’m probably the last person to get on the smartphone bandwagon. The parade left the building, and here I am waiting for an invitation to join in. I’ve used my husband’s when I can pry it from his hands, but we’ve yet to feel justified in adding the cost of another smartphone to our current plan.

samsung galaxy sII

Well, the powers that be smiled upon me, and the opportunity to take part in Walmart Family Mobile service arrived. I received a new Samsung Galaxy II to try out, along with a Cheap Wireless Plan from Walmart Family Mobile. This has got to be the Lowest Price Rate Plan out there, offering an Unlimited Plan with the Best Wireless service available. You can read about the setup process in my first blog post.

After a month of use, I know I’m saving money and enjoying great service. I also love how easy it is to make payments and check the status of my account at all times, via the online account management page. I also get a text each month, telling me when a payment is due.

samsung galaxy sII walmart family mobile

The Samsung Galaxy II offers all the features I need, and I’m learning more every day about how to get the most out of this great phone. I’ve got to admit – it’s been a huge learning curve for me, but I’m doing it!

Once I received my phone, it was a breeze to take my new phone to Walmart and have them get me all set up. It took only minutes! I remember a few months back when my husband was in the process of changing his plan and I was stuck at the wireless provider for what seemed like hours. It was painful!

walmart family mobile starter kit

Walmart Family Mobile is powered by T Mobile and it comes with a great little starter kit to get you up and running quickly and painlessly. You can buy a new phone, or take in your own phone to transfer your service to Walmart Family Mobile. The service is month-to-month, so you can start and/or cancel at anytime! So easy!

Now I’m just like all the other kids on the block – and I’m smartphone savvy. Well, almost.

Do yourself a favor and check out the great Cheap Wireless Plan at Walmart Family Mobile. You can view my Google+ Album which walks you through my entire purchase and plan setup.

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  • Definitely a cool kid! It wasn’t that long ago that I made the big leap to a smart phone from my cute as a bug little green model and I’ll admit, the kids are the first ones I ask when I have a question, but now that I’m there, the benefits are fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing your experience! All I have to do now is follow suit and make the switch to Walmart Family Mobile and I’ll be a smart and cool kid, just like you 🙂

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