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Take a Scent-ual Summer Vacation with Air Wick

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Air Wick National Park Scents

Have you ever had a smell take you back to a certain place and time? For me every time there is a summer rain (which isn’t too often here in Northern California) it takes me back to when we went on a family trip to Florida to see my Great Grandpa. Even though I was very young at the time, and don’t remember much about the trip, something about that smell has stayed with me. I think this is the feeling that Air Wick has tried to capture with their new limited edition National Park Edition scents. This series of scented oils, scented candles, reed diffusers, and  freshmatic spray come in scents uniquely designed to represent different National Parks. Some of Air Wick’s top fragrance experts have spent countless hours creating unique blends of what they call “fragrance notes” to represent natural elements found in each of the National Parks in the series.

Air Wick National Park Scents

These parks include:

American Samoa
The Grand Canyon
The Virgin Island and
The Gulf Islands

I started off my scent-ual summer vacation by popping the Denali scented oil into my Air Wick warmer. I started with Denali partially,  because I thought the  description of  it being “soft cotton grass and spring air” sounded nice, and partially because I have been curious about visiting Denali ever since it was mentioned in a book series I have read (who can guess which one)! After popping it into the warmer I took the kids out for about an hour to play. When I came back inside I actually went to check on my laundry because my house had such a fresh,  clean, “laundry straight out the dryer” kind of smell. I am not a fan of strong scents in my home, but this was the perfect subtle smell to really make my home smell great! If this is what Denali smells like, count me in!

Air Wick National Park Scents

I am now excited to try some of the other scents, especially the “exotic Papaya and hibiscus flower” fragrance representing Hawaii. I might just make myself a fun smoothie, put on some Hawaiian music, pop in my Hawaii scent and go on my own personal Hawaiian scent-ual summer vacation!

The Air Wick National Park series is now available in stores, retailing from $2.99-$5.99.


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