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What Makes Life A Good Life?

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We call my oldest son the jingle guys because he remembers so many jingles and brand statements that he hears on tv, or the radio, and he will just repeat them at random moments – just to make us laugh. He can be quite the character. One of the statements that he will repeat is the Allstate Good Life brand statement, “Good Hands for the Good Life.” I decided to dissect what that really means, and what makes life good. Everyone’s answer might be different, so I’d love for you to comment with what you consider to make life good.

What Makes Life A Good Life?

For me, life is good when I have family and people to share the happy and sad moments with. Life could be awfully lonely without those things, and I feel fortunate to have that in my life. Life is good when I am able to travel and experience new things with my family. Traveling and exploring with those whom I love is one of my favorite things to do. We haven’t been to a lot of places together, but I’m working on it. Life is good when my home is clean, warm, and inviting to our friends and extended family. I like to have a certain spirit about my home where others feel welcome here. I love being social and laughing a lot, and it gives me great pleasure to serve up great food, play some games and have a lot of laughs with those I care about.

I wish I could say that life “feels” good all the time, but unfortunately there are things that sometimes stand in the way of that. My house is admittedly not always clean and inviting. Sometimes I yell at the kids and sometimes we aren’t all warm and cozy. Sometimes there aren’t enough funds to travel and sometimes we just aren’t getting along as well as I’d like. There are things that can hold us back from reaching our full potential and happiness. One thing I have learned is that doubt and fear are the enemy and we should push them off when possible.

I believe that without pain, one would not know or understand happiness. While trials and tribulations are not fun, they can strengthen us and make us wiser and closer to one another. I try to turn everything into a learning opportunity that will draw my kids and my family closer to one another and I hope that I am succeeding.

Now let’s hear it – what makes life good for you?

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  • For me, life is good when we’re all home and calm–when we can separate ourselves from the drama that is created outside our home–when there’s enough money for us to get by and pay our bills–when I feel productive and that I’m making progress on my goals–when all of these things work together, life is good. 🙂 Of course, this is the ideal situation and things are certainly not like that all the time, so we have to make the best of every day, no matter what. I firmly believe that we can change the outcome of things with our attitude alone so I really try to stay on the positive side of things. Even though things aren’t always good–we can always move forward in a positive direction and do our best to improve things as we go along. 🙂

  • Life is good for me when none of the kids are sick and we can simply enjoy being together as a family. We’ve had summer time colds for weeks now so life has not been good – LOL!

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