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2013 Food Trends I Give A Cup About #GiveACup

I was asked to share a topic that I give a cup about, as part of the sponsored Peet’s Coffee #GiveACup campaign. All opinions expressed are my own.

Pinning yummy looking food and treats, and other fun projects, is one of my favorite things to do online. That is on Pinterest of course. It never seems to get old because I always spot something new to try. I do notice that there are certain foods that will pop up time and time again, in a variety of forms. Food trends become apparent on Pinterest because everyone is coming up with their own spin on what to pair with bacon, how to cook kale and quinoa, and which foods are the superfood! While I usually take a while to jump on any food trend bandwagon, I do sometimes go there. I do at least give a cup about food and what’s trending, because I want to provide the latest and greatest recipes to all of you too!

Out of curiosity, I wanted to confirm what the 2013 food trends are, to see if my suspicions were correct. According to Google Trends and an article I found on BuzzFeed. After reading the list, leave a comment with which food trend you agree with, or about. Here are the top 2013 food trends, with my thoughts on them:

1. Kale – I had no idea this trend was as big as it is! Sure I’ll have kale in a smoothie on occasion, and I have an Olive Garden soup recipe that I LOVE to make, but for me – I don’t eat it because it’s trendy. I eat it because dark greens are supposed to be good for you. Is Kale really the superfood, or is it just a fad? What do you think?

Bacon Coated Barbecue Chicken Kebabs - So moist and flavorful, You will be in love!2. Bacon – Yeah, I give a cup about bacon! I definitely think bacon is a trendy food. Bacon hasn’t really changed over the years, yet it has become wildly popular! I will get on that bandwagon because it’s fun to find creative ways to serve bacon! And let’s face it – Who doesn’t want a bacon wrapped something or other? I even went so far as to try Bacon Coated Barbecue Chicken Kebabs! YUM!

3. Cupcakes – I didn’t realize these were still trending. HUGE fad a couple of years ago, and not one I have totally gotten into. I sure love me a yummy cupcake, but I personally find them tedious to make. I will buy and eat those delicious cupcakes, but I’m not always one to make them. I won’t spend oodles of money on a cupcake either.

4. Greek Yogurt – Oh yeah, that’s a big one! I’m undecided as to whether or not I give a cup about greek yogurt. I love the amount of protein in greek yogurt, but it’s kind of pricey and I only like certain brands and flavors. I can say that I will no longer eat yogurt that has aspartame in it. So not for me!

5. Chia seeds – I have some and keep intending to use them more than I do, but I’m a little late to that party.

6. Quinoa – HUGE trend! I’m kind of surprised it’s not higher on the list. My local health food store has quinoa served in a variety of ways in the deli. I’m not super crazy about the taste/texture, but there are some salads where I don’t mind it. Sure it has some nice health benefits too.

7. Macarons – Totally late to that party. I have never made a macaron, but maybe I should start? What do you think?

8. Sriracha – ? That is really all I have to say about that. Nah, but really – Why is sriracha a big trendy food? Someone please explain this to me.

9. Cake Pops – Another trend I thought was slowing down, but then again, I purchased some yummy cake pops for the little girl and me just earlier this week. YUM! I have yet to make my own cake pops, but this is a trend that I could give a cup about. Just wish they weren’t so expensive!

10. Acai – A food trend I don’t really give a cup about. Maybe I should?

What are your thoughts? Are these foods just fads or do you completely buy into the trend? I’d also like to know what topics YOU give a cup about! You can also vote on new topics, weekly, to see who will receive a free !

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