DIY Water Games & Bomb Pops for a Hot Summer Day

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baby eating a bomb pop
When the weather cooled down from the 100s, I decided it was time to get outdoors and find a fun way to cool off. Most of my friends and my kids’ friends have had very busy summers, and we’ve hardly been able to see each other. I picked a day when I knew MOST of my friends would be in town, and had a gathering for the kids where we played water games and cooled down with Bomb Pops. It was such a fun afternoon and really didn’t take much to put together!

On the spur of the moment, I racked my brain and came up with a couple of games that turned out to be super fun! Let me teach you how to play what I am calling the Water Straw Game and Squirt My Cup.
straw water game
Water Straw Game

Supplies needed: straws, bucket of water, two clear cups

Divide your group into teams, and have them form their own line. We had two teams of about 6 each.
Place a bucket of water between both teams, so they can both access it easily.
Have the first person on each team fill their straw up with water. They will need to place their fingers or hand over both ends of the straw, to prevent spilling. Then have them race to another point where their team’s clear cup is sitting on a table or ground. Have them empty the water from their straw into the cup. After they are done, they must run back to their line and hand their straw to the next person in line.
The first team to fill their cup, or reach a mark on the cup, wins!

straw water game running
Because the kids are hustling, some water spills out, and of course – the little ones struggle keeping much water in the straw. They had a blast though, and it really killed some time, and got the kids moving.

straw water game 2
The straws don’t hold a ton of water so every drop counts!

bomb pop baseball throw
While we played another game that took only 4 kids at a time, the remaining children played a little Bomb Pop Baseball, which plays kind of like a beanbag toss. Bomb Pop is an official sponsor of Little League® Baseball and Softball so it was very fitting to have a ball throwing game by Bomb Pop, for the kids to play. Do you have any Little Leaguers® in your family?

water squirting cup game
The next game we played is called Squirt My Cup. For this game you need to break off into teams of two, and can have as many teams as you’d like. You will need a bucket of water, a cup for each team, and a water gun or squirter. I really like these foam squirters that can shoot quite far.

water squirting cup game 2
The game is pretty self explanatory. When someone says “GO”, each team races to fill their teammate’s cup with water by filling their squirter up from the bucket. Make sure the person holding the cup is standing a certain distance away from the squirter.

This game is perfect for a hot day because aiming can be tricky, which results in getting wet! The kids loved it!

bomb pops
At last, it was time to get refreshed with a tasty Bomb Pop! I used to purchase Bomb Pops from the ice cream truck that drove around our neighborhood, and my dad even used to sell them as an ice cream truck (van) driver for a short time in college. They are definitely a treat that brings back some nostalgia! I think they are slightly smaller than they were when I was a kid, but a nice cold Bomb Pop does not disappoint!

Be sure to try all of the Bomb Pop flavors: Original, Hawaiian Punch, and Sour Wower! You can also purchase the original in sugar free! A package of 12 retails for just $2.99, but keep your eye out for any sales too because they are yummy!
eating bomb pops
Everyone (adults included) enjoyed standing around and getting refreshed before going back for more water games!
girls eating bomb pops

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