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Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection at Buffalo Bill Center of the West #CenteroftheWest

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Last month I had the privilege of being flown out to Cody, Wyoming for a press trip to cover the brand new exhibit at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. This new exhibit is known as the Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection. First let me just tell you that this trip was amazing and I fell in love with Cody! I see myself visiting again, either with my family, or even just with my husband.

The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection took time to be fully acquired, but it was well worth the wait and officially opened for display on June 15, 2013. This collection is recognized as the most historic and important privately held collection of Plains Indian artifacts, art work, and related materials in the world. In meeting with many of the museum’s staff I can honestly say that I felt their love and excitement over this brand new exhibit. A lot of work went into making the exhibit come to life, all while protecting, cherishing, and showcasing some of the most important Plains Indian Buffalo Culture pieces. Seeing so many of the curators, directors, and other staff members filled with pride as they showed me and others that which they have been longing for society to see for years, was heartwarming.

indian womens dress
Paul Dyck was an artist who truly appreciated the Indian culture and history. He identified this collection as coming from the “Buffalo Culture” era, which was the late 1700s to pre-1890s. Containing approximately 150 objects, this collection contains items from beautiful photographs, clothing, eagle feather bonnets, bear claw necklaces, eagle talon necklaces, buffalo hide tipis and tipi furnishings, shields, cradles, peace medals, moccasins, and much more!

The dressed pictured above is actually made from elk teeth.
indian cradle

The amount of detail and work that goes into every article of clothing, cradle, and more, is just amazing to me. I can only imagine how long it took those Indian women to bead these magnificent cradles for their babes.
indian eagle talon necklace
This is one of the eagle talon necklaces I spoke of. From what I understand, the eagles were a respected and beautiful creature, which is why it was an honor for those who were adorned with these types of pieces.
indian headdress
One of my favorite pieces in the Paul Dyck Collection is this incredible feathered war bonnet. I was and still am in awe over the beautiful artifacts that have been preserved to help tell the story of those Plains Indians. So many magnificent stories to be told, and I felt such a peace walking through and taking in the heritage.

There is so much to see and take in at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. 5 museums are held within and you could EASILY spend an entire day browsing all there is to behold there. I loved taking in the stories of the Indians, Buffalo Bill, Yellowstone and more. The fantastic thing about Cody, Wyoming is that you can easily stop on in as you are passing through to or from Yellowstone. I think you will fall in love with the small town like I did!

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