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Summer Snacking with Lance® Xtra Fulls™

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With kids home all summer, we are going through the snacks like crazy! I just knew we would so I tried to set up some summer snacking rules at the start of summer, with how many snacks the kids could get a day. I told them that if they plowed through packages of crackers too fast, then I wouldn’t be buying anymore for the rest of the summer. It held them to a reasonable limit for a short time but then they started to get a bit out of hand. I swear my kids could just snack all day long if I let them. In fact, before I installed my new kitchen cabinets we had a lock on our snack cupboard. Snacking got that out of hand! I try to keep our snacking habits similar during the summer, as we have during the school year, but it can be a little tricky.

Does your family snack more during the summer?

Finding wholesome snacks that I can feel good about my kids eating isn’t always easy. Especially if I expect them to eat it! I really try not to let the kids just carb it up all day long. I like them to at least get in some protein or fiber, to help sustain them. Lance® Xtra Fulls™ sandwich crackers are a love for my children because they have all the goodness of crispy, baked crackers with an extra helping of freshly ground peanut butter sandwiched between. YUM! Then I can feel good about the 6 grams of protein the kids snack on.

Lance® is having their 100 Year Celebration with NEW Lance® Xtra Fulls™ Toastchee® and Lance® Xtra Fulls™ Toasty™ crackers. The kids can be excited about Xtra Filling & Xtra Flavor! Lance® Xtra Fulls™ are now available at Walmart and you can celebrate with them with this high value $1 off Lance Crackers coupon!

I know what I will be picking up on my next snacking stock-up run!

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