Too Many Glasses On the Counter? Easy Cup Labeling Solution

Drinking cups are a serious problem during the summer months when kids are home from school. They’re a minor problem year round, but the dirty cups grow exponentially when kids are home. When company comes, the problem increases – not only due to the greater number of dirty cups, but some guests feel it’s their duty to continually clear the counter of drinking glasses, even when you thought you’d found the perfect hiding spot to return to for your glass.

We’ve tried using magic marker to personalize plastic cups with names for continued use throughout the day, but you run out, or they get bent, or you don’t have any on hand when company shows up or you just want to do the environment a favor and not create more plastic in the landfill.

Easy Cup Labeling Solution! Problem solved for too many glasses on the counter!

Easy Cup Labeling Solution

A few days ago, there were several grandchildren visiting at my mom’s house, and every cup and glass in the house was dirty. Grandma stood there in a funk, wondering what to do. Then the light came on and she recalled she had some leftover rubber bracelets from a previous craft. She grabbed those bracelets, let each grandchild choose their own bracelet, then she slipped them onto the cups! Voila – problem solved. Everyone has their own cup to use and reuse throughout the day. No more taking out cup after cup every time you want a drink. If you’re in a rush, you can place the cups in the dishwasher without removing, but it might be a good idea to remove them so they last longer.

Easy Cup Labeling Solution! Problem solved for too many glasses on the counter!

Often, children have their favorite cup, and just when they ask for it, it’s in the dishwasher. Rubber bracelets solve that issue too – especially if the bracelet is one they’ve selected themselves.

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