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8 Back-To-School Tips for a Successful Year + Play to Donate

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8 Back-to-School Tips for a Succesful Year

My kids started back to school last week and I actually feel like we are getting the hang of our new routines. It can be kind of nerve racking switching from school-to summer-to school again. Some of you may run your household the exact same no matter the time of year, but I can tell you that I do not! However, I do start prepping and planning for back-to-school season, before it hits us. With these 8 back-to-school tips, hopefully the back-to-school transition will be a little smoother for you and your family, now and in the future! It’s never too late to get started and to get organized!

  1. If your summer bedtimes are different than during the school year, start easing the kids back into their earlier bedtime BEFORE school starts. I find the kids don’t do as well with the shell shock of a drastic change in bedtime. To combat this, take the week or two before school to gradually move bedtime and rising time up.
  2. Create a schedule! If your family needs one to help the morning routine go more smoothly, then create a before-school schedule. If your mornings are okay, then create a schedule for what the expectations are when the kids get home from school.
  3. Family Calendar: With extra curricular activities and all of the different schedules that go along with a new school year, the family will do better with communication and timing schedules if everyone’s games, recitals, practices, non-school days, etc. are written in one place for the family to see.
  4. Go through dresser drawers and closets before doing your shopping! August is a huge shopping month for retailers, and you may be able to save yourself a bit of money if you KNOW exactly what items your child(ren) NEED before heading to the store. It’s easy to get caught up in the shopping and pick some of everything up, but that might not be necessary. Plan, plan, plan!
  5. Create a homework space for each child. This doesn’t have to be fancy, but having a spot designated for homework can make doing the homework that much easier. The same goes for having a designated spot to put homework, especially if your child’s work isn’t due until the end of the week. Or perhaps have a basket where the kids put papers that mom and dad need to look over and/or sign.
  6. Have a set spot for backpacks and lunchboxes to go. This has saved me such a headache from nagging to pick backpacks up, because the kids have a hook to put their backpack on when they walk in the door.
  7. Plan and prepare for meals and snacks the week before school starts. Packing lunches can be tedious and can get forgotten in my house. Pick up lunchtime essentials ahead of time, and plan for snacks before the kids get home from school. Make lunches the night before so it doesn’t get forgotten.
  8. Let the kids know you care. Ask them how their day was, what the best part was, what the worst part was. Who did they play with, how is their teacher, etc.? Give them the confidence they need when they walk at that door, so they can have a successful positive year. And let them know that you are there for them no matter what. Have their back.

Each year, 1 million students fail to graduate high school. With that shocking statistic, you never can be too prepared. Our kids need us! Unfortunately there are kids out there who don’t have as strong of a support system as others, and that’s where the Boys & Girls Club of America comes in. BGCA and Disney have launched an online supply drive that you can help with in no time! By simply playing a pop-quiz style game online, you can help donate school supplies to local BGCA Clubs. For every five questions answered correctly, a donation of supplies will be made. So get playing, have your friends and family play, and pass the word along!

On the BGCA site parents can also find a ton of great information to help make your back-to-school transition as smooth as possible.

What are YOUR top back-to-school tips?

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  • This is a great list. I would modify one thing on #8 . Ask your kids to give you at least 3 of the best things that happened during the day! After an exhausting first day back to the routine, kids can sometimes focus too much on the negative and forget the many great things that went on during the day!

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