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Allergy Solutions and Makeup Tips

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Allergy Solutions and Makeup Tips

My wife and I both suffer from seasonal allergies.  It’s crazy because neither of us had them when we were younger. They just seem to keep getting worse with every new year. When nothing else will work ZYRTEC is a reliable source to turn to for relief.

It is pretty awful when your eyes itch and the nose runs like a faucet Allergy Face.  Blurry eyes can making driving hard and even unsafe.  The sneezing can make it hard to be part of a public event or attend work.  ZYRTEC may help with some of these symptoms.  One thing to consider when taking any medicines is to make sure the benefits outweigh any of the possible side-effects and to realize that different people will respond in different ways.

Now, as a man, I don’t worry too much my makeup allergies, but this is something that a lot of women don’t think much about. One recommendation for makeup use with allergies is to always pay attention to the expiration dates.  This of course will take time.  I would suggest only buying makeups you will use and making sure that the time before expiration is sufficient to use up all of the product.  

Did you know???

  • Blush & eye shadow only lasts for approximately a year
  • Consealer and foundation only last about 6 months
  • Mascara only last for about 2-3 months
  • WHAT’S MORE did you know that 51% of women with allergies use same makeup containers for over 1 year; this could possibily mean a correlation

MAKEUP TIPS:  Making your eyelashes darker will hide some of the look of watery eyes.

What tips can you share to help women who have allergies to survive and remain made up your the allergy seasons? I’d like to hear your tips in a comment on this post. 

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