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California Travel: Vacationing in Carmel-by-the-Sea at the Hofsas House Hotel

Hofsas House Hotel

Carmel-by-the-Sea and the Hofsas House Hotel have become one of my family’s favorite places to vacation. As my family and I kicked off our California travel this summer, Carmel and the Hofsas House was a must-stop on our way down the coast, and they were nice enough to put us up for two nights. It’s almost a fight between hanging out at the beach or hanging out in our room with the dutch door opened up to the trees and ocean, for amazing views and breeze. It is rare for me to want to sit and hang out in a hotel room, but the Hofsas House Hotel is beyond relaxing!

Hofsas House Hotel
The Hofsas House Hotel is family owned and they offer impeccable customer service, friendliness, and charm. My family and I felt so welcome when we arrived, and we couldn’t have called for better weather. Because the hotel is build into a hill, the views are just gorgeous!

Hofsas House Hotel
I get spoiled at the Hofsas House because the rooms are absolutely perfect for families! Once again we were treated to a two room suite with two bathrooms. This time we had a private patio with our own grill! The rooms are so spacious that they easily accommodate my family of 6, and then some. The sparkling cider and yummy cheeses are such a lovely way to welcome us too! Can I just tell you that my kids and I could pretty much live at the Hofsas House Hotel? We LOVE it there! And the breakfast – some of the most amazing pastries on the West Coast!

Hofsas House Hotel
During this visit to Carmel, the kids decided to take a dip in the year-round heated pool, followed by a visit to the dry sauna. Near the pool is a large room with a kitchen – perfect for family reunions! Dogs are even welcome at Hofsas House, and on the Carmel beach! Some restaurants will even let the pups dine with you. It is such a charming town, and the shops are adorable.

Let’s not forget about the fun packages to choose from at Hofsas House.

  • Carmel By The Sea Wine Walk
  • Dog Friendly Hofsas House: dogs stay free in September, and you will receive a doggie welcome package upon arrival
  • Beach Fire & S’mores

Carmel Mission
Hofsas House is a very short drive to the Carmel Mission. My oldest is going into 4th grade and will need to do a project on one of the California Missions so we decided to check this one out while we were there. It was lovely! There was even a wedding going on while we were there, so my daughter was very excited to see the beautiful bride and groom.

Carmel Beach
Let’s not forget the beach! While the water is chilly, and there is always a breeze in the air, it didn’t stop the kids from getting wet. Those with wet suits were surfing it up, but we tried to keep the water to the lower half of our body.

Hearing my daughter’s giggles as the waves crashed up at her feet was just music to my ears. The waves never got old to her, and just kept making her laugh! I love this beach! So many dogs, beach fires, and even a couple of weddings.

Paprika Cafe
For dinner, we stopped in at the Paprika Cafe in Monterey, for some very tasty Greek food. We just happened upon this restaurant, but it was perfect! The prices were very reasonable and the food was amazing. I mean, look at it! I love me a big ol’ Gyro and some Baklava!

Dennis the Menace Park
My kids won’t allow us to visit Carmel and Monterey without stopping by the Dennis the Menace Playground. This is one awesome park! Rock climbing walls, mazes, big slides, sand, and more, are just a bit of what this park has to offer. I wish ever city had a park like this. I even have fun there, and I am not a big fan of hanging out at the park. Parents and kids interact with one another and all seem to have a ball.

The point of the story? I love Carmel-by-the-Sea, and I love the Hofsas House Hotel! Whether you live in California or are paying a visit to the great state, Carmel is a must-stop town. Great food, fabulous views, great people, and great accommodations!

The first stop on our California vacation was The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. Next up is a review of our dining experience at Mundaka restaurant in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

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  • Love Carmel and Monterey area, what a great review. Yes the water is a tad chilly, take kids out when their lips turn color. lol…. We are wanting to schedule a last minute summer getaway. Legoland is kinda pricey, but Carmel is closer and less pricey. That food looks so good. Would love to have a morning beach run and workout too, gotta make room for all that food.

  • This is a must visit for me and living in LA, doable. Love that dogs stay free in September. Will enjoy reading your California travels and will take notes!

  • Love you sharing this! Seems like you found a real gem! Love the art detail on the outside.. not bad for a few hours drive for two days! Love the deal they have in Sept. You can actually bring your dogs for free!

  • Did you say Beach Fire & S’mores?! Oh..my..gosh.. I need to be there, like, now! The Hofsas House sounds absolutely divine! I’ve never been to California 🙁 but have always longed to visit. This makes me want to book my plane tickets and suite at Hofsas stat! 😀

  • Wow — this place sounds fantastic! Of course, anywhere sounds great to me right now. We haven’t had a vacation in over 5 yrs. so looking forward to one in Oct. If CA was just a bit closer to us!

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