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Cool & Fresh Man with New Gold Bond Powder Spray

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As a husband with endless lists of honey-dos, I have a tendency to get hot and sweaty while working on my many projects in and around the house.  My back, underarms, and even…ahem…other areas, tend to get extra hot, and perspiration occurs.  Not totally uncommon for a busy man, right? Dare I even mention the stink that can go along with all of this busywork? For these such occasions, Gold Bond Powder Spray is just the thing for a person like me. Trusted for generations, Gold Bond is the gold standard for beating the heat and staying cool and dry, and I believe it!

gold bond no mess powder spray

After my morning shower I spray all of those areas described above with this No Mess Powder Spray. I still haven’t decided whether I like the Classic Scent with Menthol or Fresh scent with Aloe better.  It provides my body with a cooling feeling and gives me confidence that I am trying to smell my very best for work, but also for my wife. I quite enjoy running and biking, and I really like that this product doesn’t just have to be used after your shower or bath. You can apply it after exercise or whenever you want to stay cool and dry.

When I was a young adult, I used Gold Bond powder to put in my shoes that were worn everyday in the hot humid weather of North Carolina. New Gold Bond No Mess Powder Spray delivers the odor and wetness protection of Gold Bond Powder in a convenient, easy-to-use spray. I like that this new No Mess Powder Spray works just as well, but even better because it is more user friendly, and you don’t have to worry about white powdery stuff all over your body. Gold Bond No Mess Powder Spray provides triple action: cools on contact (my favorite part), absorbs moisture and relieves itching skin. Between the California heat combined with all of my hot sweaty jobs, I really do benefit from this triple action product.

Gold Bond No Mess Powder Spray retails for $7.99, but you do get a 7 oz bottle. I would recommend other dads and men give this a try if you are in need of a fresher feeling. I’m even hopeful that some coupons will come out, to sweeten the deal.

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