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Jobs Movie Review + Ashton Kutcher Interview

What a fun adventure to put on my Big girl pants, ride the BART into San Francisco and see the advanced screening of the movie Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher. Immediately following the film, I was able to take part in a live Q&A with the handsome Mr. Kutcher, and director Joshua Michael Stern.


Jobs Movie Review + Ashton Kutcher Interview

Now, about the movie. Since the movie is a biopic portrayal of Apple guru, Steve Jobs, you’ve got to know right off the bat – it’s not action packed. However, it’s insightful, reflective and causes one to think about their own relationships and how we navigate through life’s waters trying to be successful and keep our relationships intact.

Ashton Kutcher as a good choice to play the tall, skinny, awkward, geeky, driven Steve Jobs, wouldn’t have been at the top of my list, but  it doesn’t take too long into the movie when you stop thinking of Ashton Kutcher and begin seeing just Steve Jobs. Ashton did his homework and channeled Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was a very complex person and many movies could be made telling about his success developing Apple, his personal and business relationships, his ethics, and his final years dealing with his pancreatic cancer. This movie primarily deals with the beginning years of developing Apple computers in his parent’s garage, his close inner circle of innovative friends, his shark- tank drive to market his innovations, and his inability to remain loyal to those most of us would think deserve his loyalty.

I found the movie informative and entertaining. Overall, it was a worthwhile experience. I have a great respect for those with creative minds, who are willing to sacrifice their time and talents to provide the world with new advancements in technology. That being said, I think it’s important to find balance in our lives and not neglect the human side of ourselves because no matter what, technology will move forward,  but it’s our relationships that sustain us.

Josh Gads as Jobs’ partner Steve Wozniak was heartwarming and real. Dermott Mulroney, as financial partner, Mike Markkula gives an in depth view of what it takes to launch a business and keep it viable. There’s brief glimpses into Steve Jobs’ personal relationships and it’s not a pretty picture.

While the movie is a bit on the slow side, I honestly found that I was kept entertained and intrigued. Whether it was Ashton’s good looks, or my natural curiosity that kept me completely engaged, it could be a toss up. I learned so much about Steve Jobs, and how Apple came about, and it was really quite fascinating.

Now for my Ashton Kutcher interview:

ashton kutcher
While I didn’t get to shake Ashton’s hand, or take a picture with him, I did get this very close-up shot of him. Yes, he is that handsome! Ashton really did his homework on Steve Jobs, and he sounded quite intelligent! It was fun listening to him, and of course the director!

Because there was a theater full of people who were all itching to ask Mr Stern and Mr. Kutcher a question, I thought my chances of getting picked were slim. However, I had a good seat and with only about 5 questions picked, mine was one of them! Let me tell ya, with my mom’s help of an excellent question, Ashton was stumped. I’ll let you listen for yourself! The beginning of my question was cut off, but I asked how Ashton thought Steve Jobs would define loyalty..

Have you seen Jobs yet? What’d you think?

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