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Stay Refreshed with the Wyler’s Light #JustAddWater Giveaway

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As much as I love cold, refreshing water, there are times when i just want a little flavor to make me feel like I’m getting a treat. Who wants water with all of the calories though, right? That’s where Wyler’s Light comes in! Low in calories and free of sugar (no aspartame either!), Wyler’s Light makes it easy for you to enjoy great flavor on-the-go with Wyler’s Light Singles.

I love the Wyler’s Light Singles because they are super slim and small, and can easily fit in my purse for when we are on-the-go. We always have bottled water on hand so we can grab it as we run out the door for this or that. If I decide I’m in the mood to flavor things up a bit, then I’m prepared with those singles in my purse! I can’t tell you how happy I am that these aren’t sweetened with aspartame! My husband has been on my case about consuming aspartame lately, so this saves us a fight. 

The kids even love Wyler’s Light! While it’s not difficult to get my little one to drink water, my boys are a bit tougher. Adding one of these singles sure gets them to drink up! I love Cherry Limeade, but the kids’ favorite is Grape and Cool Raspberry. I tend to worry about the kids getting dehydrated so I am always pushing fluids at them. We treat ourselves to the very occasional sugary drink, but our preferred method is LOW to NO sugar!

Now for a real treat, is the Wyler’s Light “Just Add Water” Giveaway. Until August 25, 2013, here is what the winners will receive:

  • 2 weekly winners will receive 2 8 count singles packages of Wyler’s Light To Go.
  • 7 “First Prize Winners’ will receive a Wyler’s Light Summer Prize Pack which contains 5 8 count singles to go packages, two 12 quart canister packages, and 2 water bottles
  • 3 “Grand Prize” Winners will get an assortment of products for a full year!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Wyler’s Light facebook page for more info and to enter the contest. You can also follow @WylersLight on Twitter!


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