1D: This Is Us Movie Review

One direction This Is Us

1D: This is Us Movie Review By: Isabella Sorensen

Isabella is a 12 yr old 1D Fan and a 7th Grader at McKenney Middle School in Marysville, CA.

1D: This Is Us is the ultimate fan experience for Directioners, especially in 3D. Directed by Academy Award-nominee Morgan Spurlock, This Is Us focuses on life with Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayne and Louis –aka: One Direction! (1D is the hottest band in the world, whose rapid rise to fame came after competing on the British edition of The X-Factor.) The movie gives fans an up close and personal, all access backstage pass. Filmed behind the scenes of their world tour, it also shares a glimpse of their homes, families and the struggle it is to balance “normal” life with their new found fame.
1D Movie Screening

The movie could be themed a docu-comedy. It’s funny and full of energy! It captures the bands’ personalities and leaves the audience feeling like they’re hanging with the boys next door. They’re silly! They don’t pay attention to directions! They make funny faces! You even go “camping” with them, and for the record, 1D does not know how to camp! Niall and Harry can’t set up a tent and watching them attempt to build a fire is hilarious. The movie gives fans who weren’t able to attend their concert a chance to feel like they were there as they watch snippets from all over the world including Sweden, Mexico, Japan and London’s O2 Arena. Don’t be surprised if the person next to you starts singing along.

The target audience for the film is obviously their teen fan base. It’s good clean fun worthy of two thumbs up, and that’s what makes it beautiful.

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