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Baby Love: Cherishing the Earliest Memories of the Disney Baby Collection at Walmart

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Disney Baby Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

What is it about seeing a new baby that makes your heart fill with love and your soul fill with joy! It makes you want to start talking in a silly voice and instinctively  start to sway as though you are moving in a rocking motion! Some good friends of mine recently had a baby and I was fortunate enough to be with them in the hospital. I was in the hallway with their 5 year old daughter during the actual birth but we were both allowed to come in the room just minutes after he was born! What a fun experience that was to be able to watch as this sweet family took their first moments with their new baby!  I had never had that experience to see as a bit of an outside observer the love and wonder in the parents' eyes and the curiosity  in the new "big sister's" face as they all welcomed baby into the world! It was certainly a blessing to be able to be there for their special day. 

As I drove home with their oldest daughter who was spending the night at my house, I couldn't help but reflect on the births of my own children. Its really funny how I was able to recall with perfect clarity every detail of the preparation and birth of each baby; the first cuddles, the soft skin, and  the feeling that my heart would just explode from all the love.  I remember the feelings of excitement I had as I prepared clothes and nurseries for each child's entrance into the world. I remember that for my son I got all Winnie the Pooh furniture from the Disney Baby Brand.

I remember oooohing and aaaahhhing over the cute and timeless Winnie the Pooh characters on my new "travel system" and also being completely perplexed (and slightly overwhelmed) thinking about how I would ever figure out how to install it in my car! When we were preparing to welcome my daughter into the world, we had saved a lot of the baby furniture, and as my Disney Baby furniture had saved so well we decided to use it for her also. My son was so excited when I would pull out a piece of furniture for us to clean and find a spot for in the baby's room. It really helped him to feel like he had a special role as a big brother. 

For those preparing to have a baby let each step in the journey be a special  memory that will last a lifetime, from your earliest preparations to those first magical moments with baby! To get started check out the Disney Baby Collection at Walmart.

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