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Back-to-School Family Calendar with BIC Atlantis® Pens

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The older kids get, the more writing that is required of them in school. Some kids love to write, while others are not big fans of it. I have some of both in my family. Then there are children who have neat and tidy handwriting while others are big and sloppy. I have children that fall into both of those categories. My twins for example write so differently. For me, my handwriting completely varies depending on the writing utensil. Have you ever noticed that? I wouldn’t say my writing is sloppy, but it’s not pretty either. With just the right pen, it is much improved.

With BIC Back-to-School products I’m sure you can find a product that is a good fit for you and your kids as they work on their back to school writing projects. I recently received the BIG Atlantis® pens and so far I am loving them. These pens are great for older children who have written assignments due in their classes. I decided to come up with my own back to school writing project, but I kept it with little writing since I don’t have the best penmanship. Plus, since high school my hand strength has gone downhill and I can’t sit and write for very long without my hand cramping up. So sad isn’t it?

For the new school year I decided to get my family more organized with a family calendar. This has been great because as the kids have gotten older, we have a lot more places to be and things to do. The kids love being able to see what and when everyone has scheduled appointments and events. I loved using the different colored pens to coordinate a different color for each child’s schedule. I just wish the green wrote a tad darker, but I love how it turned out!

I got my free printable calendar from Hello Cuteness.

What Back-to-school writing projects are you working on? Be sure to check out the BIC Atlantis® pens and stick them on your shopping list when you or your child have their next writing assignment!

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