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Celebrating Occasions with Hallmark Cards: Vote On My MIL’s Birthday Card #BirthdaySmiles

hallmark greeting cards #BirthdaySmiles

Celebrating Occasions with Hallmark Cards: Vote on my MIL’s Birthday Card

Fall into Winter is the busiest time for for me and my family, when it comes to birthdays and celebrations. It can also be the most financially stressful time because of all of these celebrations. Are you ready to hear what occasions I have to plan and shop from from the end of September into December?

  • MIL’s birthday
  • Dad’s birthday
  • Twin Boys’ birthday (turning 8)
  • Halloween
  • Sister’s birthday
  • Grandma’s 94th birthday
  • My 11th wedding anniversary 
  • Thanksgiving
  • My 30th birthday (oh yes there will be a party this year!)
  • Oldest son’s birthday (turning 10)
  • FIL’s birthday
  • Christmas

My husband has some siblings with birthdays as well, but can you see why I might get a tad stressed during this time year. Luckily for me, this is my favorite time of year. October-December is my absolute favorite because of all of the celebrations (I love any excuse to party), scents, foods, music, etc. It makes me happy!

hallmark birthday cards #BirthdaySmiles

To help combat the stress of all of these beautiful occasions, I try to plan and prepare throughout the entire year. For most of these occasions there are gifts and cards involved, and then there are some that just require a card. I usually turn to Walmart’s Hallmark Card selection because there are so many to choose from. I can usually find one that fits everyone’s personalities.

Hallmark Birthday Cards: Vote on the one I should give my MIL #BirthdaySmiles

Because my mother-in-law’s birthday is the first one to come up, I turned to the Hallmark Birthday Card section at Walmart, to find the perfect card. However, I need your help. In addition to picking up cards for most of the upcoming celebrations, I narrowed my MIL’s card down to one of three. I would like you to vote on which card I present to my MIL later this month. This is a card that my husband and I will give her together. Because she lives in Idaho, I don’t typically like to pay an arm and a leg for shipping gifts. What we often do is pick out a card to send and then order something online for her, to have it shipped directly to her.

Now for the cards…..leave a comment below with which number or which card YOU think would be the right one to give my mother-in-law. You can click on them to make them larger, so you can hopefully read the print.

Mom Make a wish Card #BirthdaySmiles

Mom You're Loved Card #BirthdaySmiles

For You Mother Card #BirthdaySmiles

I recommend checking out the Hallmark Social Hub to see the latest in Hallmark social media!

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