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Finding Affordable Fashion at Sears


My wardrobe has gone through a rigmarole of changes over the years. When I was a teenager my mom bought my clothes. Sure, we shopped together and picked the clothes out together, but my mom did the purchasing. I have always thought that my mom has good taste, and I trust her opinion for what looks good on me. After all, she never wants me heading out in public and embarrassing myself. Thank you momma for trying to make me look good!  My mom bought me nice clothing that was very stylish and of good quality. Some days I wish I still had the itty bitty waist that I did back in my teenage years, so I could still wear the cute stuff she bought me!

Then there were the poor college student and young married years. While I didn’t fit into my high school clothes, I did still fit into my high quality shoes. However, my husband teased me about all of the shoes I owned so I ended up getting rid of half of them. So sad right? Because I didn’t have much money, or many shopping resources, I probably went through a slightly frumpy phase. I definitely don’t remember feeling very cute during those early married years.

Sears Women's Apparel #ThisIsStyle #shop

Then there is the stage that I am currently in. I don’t have great wealth (yet), but I am to the point where I have realized that I feel better when I take better care of myself. While I spend most of my time carting 4 kids from one place to the next, I still want to feel cute and stylish when possible. Since I don’t have the means to shop super high end labels (nor do I particularly want to), I make do with what I have, and I shop sales! Because I had a food blogging conference to attend this weekend in Seattle, I was on the hunt to find a nice outfit to wear one of the days of my conference. That’s when I turned to Sears style for finding affordable fashion.

Canyon River Jeans #ThisIsStyle #shop

After much time shopping and agonizing over the perfect outfit, I finally found a few pieces that I thought would work, and that I could wear with some ankle boots I already own. I fell in love with all of the Canyon River jeans and had such a difficult time decided between the boot-cut jeans and the black skinny jeans. Because I trust my mom’s opinions, as I said before, I had her come shop with me to help me look my best. She suggested the black pants for a more high-end look, and I think she was right. Plus, the black pants had cut little black jewels on the rear pockets. I paired the pants with a blue blouse that I found at 50% off. I picked it because it wasn’t a typical solid color, plain blouse. I picked it because of all of the details. I especially loved the gold edged black buttons.

Sears Bangles #ThisIsStyle #shop

Because I earned Shop Your Way rewards on the purchase of my blouse and pants, I was able to go back to Sears and purchase some jewelry to go along with my outfit. I had SYW rewards saved up, and those paired with the earnings from my first purchase, I was able to accessorize for free! To match the buttons, I was lucky to find a darling set of bangles at 40% off. I love the bracelets and all of the details on each one. I thought they tied the outfit together so nicely, and it was a huge bonus that my Show Your Way rewards covered the cost!

Sears Fashion #ThisIsStyle #shop

I think the outfit came together nicely – thank you Sears! I wore it to my conference and it was perfect for the dinner a group of us headed out to! I even got to snap a couple of pictures on the streets of Seattle!

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