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Freshen Up Kit For Intimate Moments In A Busy Schedule #FreshNSexy


Freshen Up Kit #FreshNSexy #shop

We all have those days when we feel completely drained, and just want to climb into bed at the end of the day, and not think about another thing. Sometimes we do just that, and rightfully so! Then there are times when we WANT to do other things, or take care of other “business”, but we just don’t have a lot of time. After nagging 4 children to do homework, clean their rooms, be kind to one another, put their toys away, etc., on top of my work and my own household duties, a mom can run out of time and energy during the day. After you’ve done all of those things, do you feel especially attractive and fresh come nighttime? I typically don’t, but I’ve got a few tips to help you freshen up on the fly, so you can still enjoy those intimate moments with your spouse, of course anytime you have sex with someone is better to check for stds, additionally you may check out this STD symptom checker to find out which STI is associated with your symptoms.

fresh+sexy #FreshNSexy #shop

I recently discovered Fresh+Sexy wipes by Playtex, and these are designed especially for freshening up before and after intimate moments. These are great for helping a busy woman feel fresher, without taking the extra time to take a shower. Believe me, I know how precious a few moments of alone time can be. 

Might as well make the most of them! I created a freshen up kit that contains everything a couple might need to freshen up in a flash, so you can spend more time re-connecting. The nice thing about these wipes is that you can use them before and after sexual activity, so you can go back to business as usual. Less time needed before and after, so hopefully couples can take more time for pleasure and re-connection! 

fresh+sexy intimate wipes #FreshNSexy #shop

The Fresh+Sexy Intimate Wipes come in 20 ct, 24 ct and 40 ct, and can be found at Walmart in the family planning aisle. I purchased the 24 count because they come in a reusable pouch the fits neatly in a makeup bag, which contains my Freshen Up Kit.

Freshen Up Kit #FreshNSexy #shop

For my kit, I included the Fresh+Sexy Wipes and other personal hygiene items that I thought would help one freshen up and prepare for intimacy, in a quick amount of time. I stuck in breath mints, Colgate Wisps in case you feel like brushing your teeth would make you feel better than a mint, travel size deodorant, birth control, and a mini candle.

What would you stick in your Freshen Up Kit? Comment below with your suggestions!

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Emily Buys


  • in my kit I’d include a bottle of booze and a blind fold, I’d even let my husband pick which one he wanted ( lol just kidding) actually the kit shown seems pretty handy covers all bases

  • Oh wow!! I already use their Feminine Wipes and Charmin Wipes all the time, but I’m pregnant now, and my ”scent” has changed, making it hard for me to want to be intimate. I’m a freakazoid about bathing ”before”—so I’m going to *have* to try these! Thank you for the post!

  • Emily, I could totally relate to your long days of children and homework and getting them to clean up, not fight, play fair… By the end of the night it’s pure exhaustion! But it’s certainly important to make time to connect with hubby, and the Fresh + Sexy wipes make that so much quicker and more convenient. My kit would include similar. I like the idea of a mini candle.
    Great post!

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