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Kid-Friendly Carpool Ideas

As a mom of four, I spend quite a bit of time in the car. Between school drop off and pick up, errands, and extra curricular activities, there is a lot of running around to be done. If you’re lucky, then hopefully you are able to take turns carpooling with other moms. I am not usually so lucky because not many other moms have room for my 3 school-aged children. However, I have decided that the time in the car should mean something since we are there so often. I have come up with several kid-friendly carpool ideas to help you and your kids make the most of that part of the day.
Kid-Friendly Carpool Ideas

Great conversation in the car can be very beneficial to connecting with your child(ren). If you spend a lot of time running around then the few moments in the car may be some of the only moments you actually get to share with your kids, so get in some quick discussions. Here are some conversation starters or topics for the car:



  • Have the kids tell you 3 things they are looking forward to that day.
  • Go over spelling words with the kids, or have them quiz each other.
  • Pass out flashcards for the kids to quiz each other with.

After School/Evening:

  • Have the kids tell you 1 bad thing about their day, and end with 2 positive things about their day.
  • Have the kids tell you 3 things they learned that day.
  • For added fun, keep a microphone (or fake one) in the car and let the kids interview each other about their school day. It might be a fun way to get more info out of the kids.

These days I have found myself switching the radio station more and more often, due to the inappropriate lyrics. Take matters into your own hands by providing your own music for the car. Here are some of my music suggestions for carpooling little ones.

kidz bop


  • Kidz Bop (any of the albums)
  • Fresh Beat Band
  • Disney Station
  • The Muppets Soundtrack or any other Disney Movie Soundtrack
  • Sharon, Lois & Bram
  • Sandra Boynton Soundtracks (my favorite is the Rhinoceros Tap – it makes my kids laugh)
  • Audio Books

No matter what you plan for the kids during carpool, or what you listen to, make sure you always have a plan – especially when driving other people’s children. It’s important to have an emergency contact list, and a schedule. Visit to learn all about the car ride sharing accident laws. Keep in mind that after school the kids have had a long day of studying, being quiet, and being still (with the exception of recess). Let them tell you about their day and try to be excited to see them, and to reconnect with them after being separated for 6+ hours.

Leave a comment with any additional carpool ideas you have!


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  • Love these ideas, I have 3 kids and feel with school back in session, chauffeuring is all I do. Wish my car had a built in cooler like some, so there were cool drinks at the ready. Auto makers should also have a special door panel for purses. Now that is chauffeuring I can live with. Kids are stimulated, fed, given drinks and Mom is not frazzled……..:)

  • I love the time in the car with my kids. Great to have them without distractions to mess up our conversations. But, I hate the other drivers. Some of the other parents in and near the school parking lots are unbelievable!

  • My daughter is 16 & plays softball competitively so we travel a lot! my co-worker got me into books on cd. So one day I’m trying to finish a book so I can return it to the library and she enjoyed it. So now we hit the library anytime we travel. Great for those areas you may not get good reception.

  • I just saw yesterday that Walmart sells a cooler that plugs into cigarette lighter! Next time I have an extra $93..

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