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Like Royalty and Fame Touring Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle Exterior

As far as my travels go, I last wrote about my drive down to Cambria where we stayed at the Fireside Inn. Aside from the awesome views and gorgeous hotel, we decided to stay in Cambria so we could have quick access to Hearst Castle in San Simeon. On our California travel, my family and I made a visit to the ever-so gorgeous Hearst Castle. It was magnificent, and even that is an understatement! The history behind this castle was so fun to listen to as we rode the shuttle up to the doors. The man who built Hearst Castle was a boy who grew up on the same hill, with hundreds of acres of ranchland. He loved this land so much that he wanted to add something magnificent to it that could be shared with friends and guests. The views are amazing, as this sits high on a hillside in Southern California.

Hearst Castle Interior

My daughter has always said she wants to grow up to be a princess (well actually, a Singing Princess Artist), and we certainly got a feel for royalty and fame while touring Hearst Castle. Touring with the kids was a bit of a challenge because our guide really liked to talk, and it was tough for the kids to have to stand only in one area. There is a red carpet throughout the castle, which is where guests have to stay. You can’t roam the rooms or touch anything at all, to preserve the history and quality. To this I’d say, the tour may not be suitable for very young children. My husband and I loved it though! Everything within the castle is made of the utmost quality

Hearst Castle Dining Hall

I particularly loved the dining hall. This was set up for William Hearst to be able to come to a meal with all of his many guests. He was always having movie stars and friends and family come to visit the castle. An interesting fact: The dining hall in Harry Potter was actually modeled after this room in the castle, which Mr. Hearst actually called the refectory!

hearst castle cottages

I could walk around the gardens and castle exterior for hours. The weather was perfect, the scenery was gorgeous, and the gardens were beautiful. The castle has all of these cottages around it, which all served as the Hearst family’s earlier residences. He just kept adding and building!

One thing to be aware of is that when you purchase tickets, it doesn’t mean you are going to tour the entire castle. Different tours will go through different rooms. I kind of wish I got to tour the kitchen, but that wasn’t part of the grand tour I was in.

Hearst Castle Neptune Pool

The pools – oh the pools! Hearst castle has two pools; one indoor and one outdoors. The Neptune Pool (above) was HUGE! It really is a shame that nobody gets to swim in it now, because it is spectacular! The color of the water and the statues surrounding it makes it very enticing. I can just picture these huge weekend parties with movie stars and other famous people, all lounging around the pool and going for a dip.

Hearst Castle Roman Pool

The Roman pool is the indoor pool. What you can’t really see from the pictures is that to the right, there is a high dive. Then on each side of that, the waters go back behind there into another room. I would have loved to go back there! We had to really look closely to see where the stairs to the high dive are. ┬áJust a beautiful pool with intricate designs.

If you like to see beautiful works of art, and see how very rich people live, Hearst Castle is the way to go. I found it very fascinating to learn the history in their theatre room, with a video, and to see the beauty!

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  • My wife and I love Cambria and Hearst Castle too! There’s a great spot nearby where you can see Elephant Seals on the beach. If you haven’t seen them before, it’s worth checking it out. Also, people do get to swim in the Neptune pool, though it is rare. Getting to swim in the pool has been auctioned off for charity- how fun would that be? Though I read somewhere that the water is VERY cold!

  • That artwork is amazing! i would love to bring my family there someday you are very lucky!

  • I remember visiting Hearst Castle when I was a child (about 25 yrs ago) and I’ve always wanted to re-visit. These were some great pictures. Thanks for sharing

  • I would love to bring my Ghost Hunting equipment to Hearst castle and search for ghosties. Looks like an awesome location!

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