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Living Large at the Barbie Dreamhouse


Barbie R-1

Now that my daughter is 4 and a half, I have decided it’s time to start breaking out some of the “big girl” toys that I played with as a little girl. Some of those toys would be Barbie and her friends. I absolutely loved playing with Barbie and turning my bedroom into a full-on Barbie town. I didn’t have a dollhouse when I was a child, so I made do with what I had. My neighbors had a HUGE dollhouse that they would invite me over to play with, and I just loved it! I managed to turn out pretty okay despite never having owned a dollhouse, but I decided that I did want my daughter to get to experience owning one. Cue the 2013 Barbie Dreamhouse. After all her travels, Barbie realized that Malibu is where her heart is and has decided to stay there in a newly renovated Dreamhouse!

2013 Barbie Dreamhouse

I recently brought down a box of some of my favorite Barbies that I played with as a little girl, and gave them to my daughter. She has been gobbling up playtime with these dolls, so I decided to give her the newest Barbie Dreamhouse and see how she felt about it. Boasting three-stories, an elevator, 6 fabulous rooms, and 3 1/2 feet tall, this dreamhouse has so much to offer! Some of the features worth mentioning:

• Two Working Pull-String Elevators
• Six Deluxe Rooms
• Lights and Sounds Throughout the House
• Walk-In Closet
• Pink “Stainless Steel”Appliances
• CanopyBed — Pulls Out to Reveal a Trundle Bed
• Television that“Flips” Channels
• Working Doorbell
• Balcony for Sunny Malibu Days
• 3-½+Feet Tall
• 50+Pieces

Barbie Dreamhouse Bedroom

Lastly, it’s VERY PINK! My daughter is in love with the color pink and this Barbie Dreamhouse meets her expectations. I asked my daughter what her favorite features of this magnificent house are, and she said that she loves that it’s so big and can even have mom and dad or friends play with her at the same time. She also loves the dog that came with the house, but her absolute favorite feature is the bedroom. The grand bed comes with real looking sheets, which just tickles her!

2013 Barbie Dreamhouse

The only concern we have with this grandiose dollhouse is whether or not the elevator will hold up well over time. So far so good, other than the fact that it doesn’t quite reach the 3rd floor in it’s entirety. The wall behind the toilet will sometimes fall off too, but we’re looking over the instructions to make sure we have it all put together correctly. Because the house is so big and has so many parts, it did take a bit to put together, but hubby had help from a Youtube video! Something that all the mommies will like is that the small pieces clip into place so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost in the carpet and other various places! Overall, the little girl is very pleased which makes momma happy!

The 2013 Barbie Dreamhouse can be found at Walmart, Amazon, ToysRUs and other retailers nationwide. The house retails for $184.99, but I spotted it for less on Amazon today!

“I received a free Barbie Dreamhouse as part of a One2One Network review campaign and all
opinions are my own.”

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  • Wow, what a nice Barbie Dreamhouse. I have all boys but my hubs will let me have one, right?! My Barbies & Strawberry Shortcake Dolls would have a party.

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