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Raspberry Salad and Creamy Raspberry Dressing with Organic Girl

Healthy eating and healthy living is a topic that has been on my mind a lot lately. I haven’t exactly been at my healthiest in the past year or two, but I really want that to change. Between my diet, lack of fitness due to time constraints and a bad car accident, mountains of stress, etc., I could use some improvements! One of the aspects of my health, and that of my family’s, that I want to improve is our heart health. Without a healthy heart, what else have we got?

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An easy, yet important way we can improve our heart health is by increasing our fruit and vegetable intake. I must admit that I am better about eating vegetables than fruit. Some may say I am backwards in that way. I love a good salad with some roughage, so I am always looking for ways to sneak fruit into my salads. After browsing the produce section at Save Mart, I came up with a plan! I also noticed that there are some tags that advertise foods as being heart healthy and having sensible carbs. That helps make shopping a bit easier!

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I picked up a very nutritious looking salad by Organic Girl, which happened to be on sale! I love the spring mixes for extra variety and flavor. Not much says heart healthy more than a crisp green salad! Rather than just top my salad with cheese and croutons (my husband’s preference), I made it a tad more interesting and delicious with raspberries and almonds! I created a Raspberry Salad and Creamy Raspberry Dressing.

Creamy Raspberry Dressing #FreshFinds #shop
For the dressing, I combined a small container of Raspberry Greek Yogurt with 1 Tbs sugar, 1/4 cup olive oil and 1 Tbs Honey Dijon Mustard. Mix in a blender and you are ready to enjoy! There are so many variations on this dressing that you can make. Just play with it until it tastes desirable to you!

Raspberry Salad #FreshFinds #shop

Talk about a beautiful, and heart healthy salad! Toss together the Organic Girl Baby Spring Mix Salad with sliced red onion, feta cheese, Honey Roasted Slivered Almonds, and fresh raspberries. Yum!

To see the exact ingredients I purchased at Save Mart, you can view my Google+ Album. You can also get more recipes and fresh ideas from the Save Mart #FreshFinds page.

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