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Roarin’ Fun with VTech Switch & Go Dinos Prize Pack


VTech Switch & Go Dinos Jagger

Switch & Go Dinos

Cars and robots have been taken to a whole new level with Switch & Go Dinos. If you’ve ever had a kid who loved playing with cars, dinosaurs or robots then they will be amazed at what the Switch & Go Dinos can do because they kind of encompass all three of the popular children’s toys. VTech originally started with just a few transforming dinosaurs, but there are now more than 15 Switch & Go Dinos!
As the ultimate kid’s toy, Switch & Go Dinos easily transform between a dinosaur and a vehicle in a few simple steps. When in dinosaur mode, the dinosaurs emit realistic dinosaur sounds and phrases that teach facts about each dino. With the newest and most awesome Switch & Go Dinos yet, Jagger the T-Rex and follow simple commands such as “Roar With Me”, “Move Forward” and more! This makes the twins feel so powerful! This big boy transforms from a construction crane to a fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex, and can be quite large – it’s awesome! While in car mode, the dinos emit typical sounds that you’d hear from a toy car. These very well built toys provide kids with such a fun and enriching playtime! My twins especially love tormenting their little sister with the menacing roars! She isn’t so afraid of the little Switch & Go Dinos, but with all that the king of Switch & Go Dinos: Jagger the T-Rex has to offer, one might understand her position.
The twins love the challenge of switching Jagger and the other dinos back and forth from car to dino, and they like to see who can do it the fastest! The toy seems very sturdy and I believe it will last a very long time. Switch & Go Dinos can be purchased on Amazon from $10.41-$69.99!

For some added fun, and a chance to win the COMPLETE line of Switch & Go Dinos®, Snap a pic of your little one doing his or her best dinosaur impression and enter the Dino Roar Photo Sweepstakes. One lucky grand prize winner will receive the complete line. My boys practiced their roars while playing with Jagger, and I posted it to Instagram.

Be sure to visit the site and send in your submissions before the contest is extinct! Contest ends on September 9th!

In the meantime, while you are waiting to find out if you won the Dino Roar Photo Sweepstakes, you can enter to win a VTech Switch & Go Dinos® Prize Pack from me! The giveaway will contain 3 assorted smaller dinos.

Your little ones will not be disappointed! This contest will end at 11:59pm PT on 9/11. Open to the US only. Fill out the form below to enter.

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