It Takes Two: New Glade Tidy Cats at Sam’s Club

This post brought to you by Sam’s Club. All opinions are 100% mine.

Feeling as though you have two (or more) too many things to do? Read how the new Glade Tidy Cats from Sam's Club sponsored me to share with you the power of two. 

In my world, "two" seems to be my magic number right now… I have Two kids (with my youngest turning two in two weeks), two cats, two  houses (I'm in the process of moving and am still working on cleaning the old house), I started teaching two new preschool classes this week. Basically, I have "too" much to do and  only two hands to do it with! Phew!! So when I heard that Tidy Cats just released a new style of cat litter that incorporates two fantastic brands, I wanted to learn more! 

The new Glade Tidy Cats liter mixes the clean clumping action of tidy cats litter with the fresh smells we all know from Glade. The perfect way to solve two problems at once! Because I have two cats, keeping the liter area clean and fresh smelling is a big priority for me. My biggest worry is that someone walks into the area where I keep the cat litter and thinks "woah.. I can smell that cats live here." So I change the liter daily and spray area freshener around the area multiple times per day.  I think that by combining the scents of Glade with the Tidy Cat liter, I might be able to rest assured that the cat liter area smells good, and decrease the number of times per day that I need to check on it. Who knows…. Maybe that will free up two spare minutes in my day! If you feel like you could use the power of two in your litter box, check out new Glade Tidy Cats litter at Sam's Club (which…get this…. Comes in a two-jug twin pack… It's meant to be!) For more information and product details also check out the Glade Tidy Cats section on the Sam's Club web page.  

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  • Cats dislike scented cat litter. Be careful of litter box aversion.
    I am a certified vet tech.
    Some things about cat litter must be checked and scooped more than once daily.
    Picture flushing your toilet once daily.
    Need one more box than you have cats.
    Scoopable unscented litter preferred.

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