Rainy Day Fun with Disney’s Peter Pan Return to Neverland

See how we turned a rainy Saturday afternoon into an exciting day of dress-up fun while watching the DVD copy of Disney’s “Peter Pan Return to Neverland” which I had received a complimentary copy of. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Last Saturday was our first rainy day after a long, hot summer. It was cool, cloudy and felt like fall was finally starting to settle in. Fall is my favorite season, and I love rainy days, so I was in heaven! My kids love splashing in rain puddles, so in the morning we went out to play in the rain and got completely soaked! It was wonderful!

After we got dried off and warmed up, I decided we would all stay inside for the rest of the day, which was not a popular decision with my little outdoors lovers. So I decided to perk them up by putting on a DVD.

Because my kids both love pirates and Peter Pan, I decided to put on Disney’s “Peter Pan Return to Neverland”. This classic Disney movie has just been released as a DVD/ BluRay combo pack with free digital copy (which is a feature that I just love), so enjoying it has never been easier!

Before the movie started my son, told me that he needed his Peter Pan hat, so he ran to get our box of dress up clothes, and brought it out to the living room. He then assigned my two year old daughter to be tinker bell, and I got to be Mr. Smee.

Peter Pan Return to Neverland

We then started the movie and my son informed us that we should all act it out as we watched it! I had never seen this movie before so I thought it would be a fun way to experience it!

As I watched, I saw that Disney’s Peter Pan Return to Neverland is set in England during WWII. Here we meet Wendy’s young daughter Jane who has become a very practical, no-nonsense kind of girl. This is due to the pressure of feeling responsible for her mother and baby brother while her father is away at war. When her mother tells stories to the children about Peter Pan and Neverland, Jane does not believe in such nonsense. One night Jane is kidnapped by none, other then Captain Hook and his crew of dastardly pirates and taken to Neverland. Here she meets Tinkerbell, the lost boys and of-course, Peter Pan! As she endeavours to get back home, protect Peter Pan’s treasure, and save Tinkerbell, she finds some true friends and learns what it means to believe with a little “faith, hope and pixie dust.”

The movie was a pure Disney delight and acting it out was so much fun! We enjoyed sailing in pirate ships, fighting off Captain Hook, and running around the living room pretending to fly! It was fantastic to watch a rainy Saturday afternoon be transformed with a little Disney magic!

Peter Pan Return to Neverland is available now as a DVD/ BLuRay combo pack with free digital copy.

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