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ALPO® Wet Dog Food Makes the Tail Wag

This post brought to you by ALPO® Brand Dog Food. All opinions are 100% mine.

Just to clarify, when I speak of ALPO® Wet Dog Food making the tail wag, I am not speaking about my own tail. I am speaking of the tails of many dogs’; In case that wasn’t obvious enough.

Until recently, I had never given my dog(s) any brand of wet dog food. I was under the impression that it was costly and almost “gourmet”; or a treat. As time has gone on and the more educated I have become, my thinking has slightly changed. I have found that ALPO® Chop House Chucks in gravy, and ALPO® Homestyle Prime Cuts gravy cravers, can actually be quite affordable.

I brought home a can of ALPO® Chop House and I almost think that my pup could even smell the gravy through the can. Not sure if that’s true or not, but she was definitely excited to try something new. She could hardly wait for me to dump the can out into her bowl.

There was definitely some tail wagging going on! I will tell you that there is a smell to wet dog food, so it may just be served as a “treat” in our house. As always, I recommend reading labels and deciding for yourself whether or not a particular food is right for you and or pup.

For more information on ALPO® brand foods, and where you can purchase their products, visit ALPO’S HOMEPAGE. As always, I recommended following ALPO’s Facebook Page to stay up to date on promotions and happenings from the brand!

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