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Design & Decorate Your Space with Style Boards & Threshold for Target

This is a sponsored post for Instyle & Target. All opinions expressed are my own.

Sitting Room

Keeping a clean and well decorated home is something that I am always striving to achieve. It is not always clean and it’s never quite where I want it to be in the way of decor, but I take pride in my efforts. Sometimes I love to window shop or browse the internet for home decor items, and plan and plot how I’d like my home to look if I had all the time and money in the world. Now I’ve found an easier way to do that by creating style boards of my dream room(s) using the new Threshold products from Target. First of all, we’re talkin’ Target which means affordable AND stylish, so my dream is more likely to become reality! Second of all, InStyle’s Room Inspiration page makes designing, planning, and shopping a breeze!

Fun Loft Space
If you want to have a little fun and/or shop for your home, you can do that all at the same time just online! Creating unique and fun room looks is completely easy and there are a few ways you can do it. First you need to visit the InStyle Room Inspiration page. Once there, you will have the choice of uploading a photo of a room in your house, starting with a photo of a room that InStyle has, or to just create a moodboard! Then you can fill your room or moodboard with the fun Threshold products from Target! If you just want some inspiration, you can click on View Designs to see how other people have designed their rooms and boards.

The two boards above are ones that I created by started with a room that InStyle already had uploaded. A couple of the features that I love about designing the boards is that you can select color schemes, sponsored by Benjamin Moore. Another bonus is that when you select Threshold items to add to your board, you will see a little photo at the bottom of the screen, which tells you the price of that item! Shopping made easy! If you’re also considering a window replacement, there are plenty of options available online as well such as Window Replacement in Augusta GA.

Just this evening I was watching tv and saw a commercial for Threshold for Target and got excited because I saw many of the same items I used on my boards! Made me kind of giddy. Okay, now I challenge you to go create some of your own moodboards and leave a comment on this post, with a link to one of your boards. Perhaps your creativity will be the inspiration for someone else’s home!



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  • This will be fun to play with, we moved into our house a year ago and I still haven’t decorated my bedroom at all so I can’t wait to see what I can find at Target. Hopefully something for my bare walls. I love that you can match paint colors, too.

  • This will be fun to okay around with, my mom is building a new home, we have to try this.

  • I LOVE Target! Every time I’m in the store I want to decorate my home using there household decor. It’s so my style and I know I could reel on my husband to love their house decor too 🙂

  • This is seriously addicting, I could play around with this all day…can’t wait until we can afford to redecorate!

  • Love that everyone is so serious about redecorating. It is a great way to rejuvenate and start fresh. You have wonderful promotions and ideas. I truly with I would have found your page sooner.

  • I love being able to virtually plan a room. I will use this for two rooms we’re working on over the holidays.

  • I love using Target’s products to decorate my home! They’re so cute, trendy, and affordable!

  • Target InStyle Room. Did not know that this existed. I will try it. Thank you very much.

  • Target sure has a large collection of design and decorate items for the home. I like a lot of their stuff, and I want to take a look at some of these amazing products.

  • I love, love, love this idea!!! I rent an apartment so I can’t do a whole lot of redecorating, but with this I could decorate the rooms to suit my taste. I like your 2 Style Boards, you have good taste 🙂

  • Oh neat! It’s similar to some of the apps my daughter uses on her iPad! But a grown up version. 😉 I’m just no good at decorating house sadly, but this looks fun to make my dream rooms with!

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