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Disney On Ice: Passport To Adventure

Disney On Ice Under the Sea
Last night was a night filled with fun, laughter, and awe as I took three little girls (and my SIL) to see Disney On Ice: Passport To Adventure. I always love when the fun shows come near me, and now is Disney On Ice’s time in Sacramento, California. It’s not too late to get tickets for the remaining shows!

Disney On Ice Lion King

This show differs from other Disney On Ice shows because we get to follow Mickey Mouse and his friends as they travel the world in search of action, romance and fun. They start their magical journey on a photo safari on the African Savannah. You know what that means? A fantastic dance duo from Simba and Nala, from The Lion King! I think this dance duo was the most amazing to watch, with some of the best moves on the ice. Don’t be late for the show or you’ll miss this one!

Disney On Ice The Little Mermaid
After leaving the African Savannah, Mickey and his friends journeyed under the sea to experience the enchantment and romance of life on the ocean floor. For my daughter’s favorite part of the show, we followed Ariel as she bargained with Ursula the sea witch to trade her voice for legs, all so she could win her prince’s heart. We watched a true love story unfold and saw the witch blow up into a HUGE octopus that Prince Eric was able to slay. I didn’t expect to get to see Ursula grow to be so large on the ice, but they pulled it off.

Disney On Ice Lilo & Stitch
After coming up from the ocean floor, Mickey and friends take off for a tropical adventure in Hawaii. We learned the meaning of “ohana”, which means “leave no one behind”, with Lilo & Stitch. I was amazed at how well Disney On Ice was able to capture the main points of the entire movie, and pulled it into one awesome ice show!

Disney On Ice Peter Pan
After intermission the show picked up for one last adventure to Never Land. It began in the Darling house where Peter Pan had a dance off with his shadow (I loved how they created his shadow),and the Darling children learned to fly. Then it was off to Never Land with the Lost Boys and a ship full of pirates. The show wouldn’t be complete without Captain Hook having to face the tick tock crocodile, where Hook faced his death. I personally loved all of the moves we got to see from the pirates, and my little one LOVED watching Tinker Bell!

Disney On Ice

Because the show tells a story from each of the mentioned movies, the show goes by very quickly. There is no time for boredome here! Disney On Ice: Passport To Adventure will be in Sacramento until this coming Sunday, 10/13. Then you can find them in the Bay Area! Be sure to check out their schedule and ticket information.

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