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Don’t Quit Now! Keep Your Kid Motivated for Music Lessons

This is a sponsored post regarding kids and music lessons – a topic I’m passionate about!

Don’t Quit Now! Keep Your Kid Motivated for Music Lessons

I began taking piano and flute lessons when I was in the 4th grade. I played the flute through junior high but continued piano through college. I was passionate about it and never had to be told by my mom, to practice. I loved practicing! I know from experience as a piano teacher that it is rare for children to WANT to practice. I’m not currently teaching, but I taught for several years and even took pedagogy classes in college. I found it such a shame and very disappointing for parents to spend so much time and money on private lessons for their child, only to have it go to waste because their child rarely practiced! I believe music is very powerful and can be a very rewarding skill to have in one’s life. Learn to make the most of it though!

Few things are more frustrating than investing your time and money in an instrument and lessons for your child only to hear weeks later that they’ve changed their mind and don’t want to continue. Although you’re frustrated and you want your kid to get the many advantages that music lessons have to offer, you also don’t want to turn your home into a battleground. What’s a parent to do? If your child tells you that they don’t want to continue with music lessons or if you sense that their motivation is slipping, you can take action. Read on to find out what you can do to keep your kid committed to learning music! Ask Why, and Really Listen The most important thing you can do is really listen to what’s happening in your…Read More

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