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Garlic & Herb Pasta and Grilled Chicken

CB-sponsored-post-white-script-400 Dinner in 15 minutes with this tasty Garlic & Herb Pasta and Grilled Chicken #SauteExpress #shop #cbias Something I have been working on lately is coming up with more nutritious, and delicious, meals that I can throw together in a hurry. Dinner preparations often feel rushed for me; either because I start preparing too late (most likely cause), or because we have an activity we have to get to. I really don’t like having to turn to pre-packaged meals very often, so this is sometimes a challenge for me. However, I get super excited when I am able to accomplish the task, and have it look and taste good! Land O Lakes Saute Express #SauteExpress #shop I have discovered an awesome product that can help you flavor up meat, pastas, veggies, etc.,  in a hurry, and make them taste very homemade and flavorful. Land O’Lakes Sauté Express® Sauté Starters are made up of butter, olive oil, and herbs. These can really cut down the steps you need to take to season up a meal, because they are all in one little cube! Each box comes with 6 cubes, and you can purchase 5 different flavors in the dairy aisle of your grocery store. My Walmart only had two flavors in stock, so I went with the Garlic & Herb to season up some pasta and grilled chicken. I am eager to try the Teriyaki flavor next! Land O Lakes Saute Express #SauteExpress #shop 004 Yesterday my husband asked me to please throw dinner together really fast because the kids were “starving”. Well, with help from the Garlic & Herb Land O’Lakes Sauté Express® Sauté Starters, dinner only took about 15 minutes, and my husband nearly wasn’t ready for it to be that fast! He was blown away! To get started, I got out some thawed chicken tenders and lathered them with one cube of the Sauté Starters. After I buttered one side, I threw them onto the preheated indoor grill and then buttered the other side. Land O Lakes Saute Express #SauteExpress #shop Because I chose to use tenders instead of chicken breasts, they cooked up very fast. Land O Lakes Saute Express #SauteExpress #shop While the chicken was cooking, I poured a box of angel hair pasta into boiling, salted water. Be sure to salt your water well, to preseason your pasta. Angel hair pasta cooks in just 4 minutes, so my food was all due to be done at about the same time. Land O Lakes Saute Express #SauteExpress #shop As soon as the pasta has finished cooking, drain and pour back into your pot. If using an entire box like I did, toss with 2 cubes of Garlic & Herb Land O’Lakes Sauté Express® Sauté Starters. Toss until butter is completely melted, and your pasta is ready to go! Serve with your seasoned chicken and some vegetables. There you have it – easy Garlic & Herb Pasta and grilled chicken! Tastes so good! To add a little more color, I heated up some spaghetti sauce and served it over the chicken. Yum! And dinner in just 15 minutes!

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