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Help Dodo Ladder Chase Help Your Kids

In this day and age, technology is running rampant through our every day lives. There is not much that can’t be accomplished online. I personally believe that technology can be a wonderful tool if used properly and moderately. Finding that balance can be tricky and sometimes frustrating when dealing with our children. Do your kids constantly grab your mobile phone and/or tablets so they can do their own Youtube watching and game playing? Mine do All. The. Time. I find myself confiscating my devices from the kids because some of the games just really wrap them in, without having any educational value whatsoever.

dodo ladder chase

What would you say to a game that captivates your kids, all while educating them? The Colto team has been working hard over the past couple of years to design just that. Dodo Ladder Chase is the first action adventure game for language learning.  The game will be released on the App Store for iPad and iPhone by end of November and later on the Google Play store.


I had the opportunity to interview Colto’s CEO, Catriona Wallis, all about her endeavors with Dodo Ladder Chase. We had such a lovely chat, and between her education, mothering, and knowledge, I think she is really onto something. As a mother of two, Catriona could see the need for having a captivating game that actually teaches children while they play. That is exactly what Dodo Ladder Chase is designed for. Up until now, Catriona has provided the funding for the game, but now she and the Colto team need our help.


Colto recently launched their campaign on  Their goal is to raise fifty thousand dollars in the next 31 days.  They have a good start in their efforts, with just over $10,000 already raised. This campaign is to raise the funds to hire more programmers so they can create Dodo Ladder Chase in different languages, games for special needs children and create entirely new games and books. The awesome thing about the campaign is that you can give as little as $5 and there are great rewards for donating! For just $5 you will receive the game’s in-app purchase worth $4.99, as soon as the game is released! So basically, it’s a win-win!

If you have a moment, I highly recommend visiting Colto’s Indiegogo page, where you can watch a cute video that tells all about the game and their efforts. You can also see the different levels of donating, and what kinds of cool prizes you will receive for doing so. To learn more about Catriona, Colto, and Dodo Ladder Chase, be sure to watch our live interview in the video above. Unfortunately I’m new to Google Air so I didn’t know how to record the video for both of us. I just love listening to Catriona with her accent, and to all of her wisdom!

So what do you say? Will you donate?

This is a sponsored post telling all about my interview with Colto CEO Catriona Wallis. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  • I hope I understood the instructions…to comment here. Children are so attracted to technology so I think it’s a great idea to have a way for them to learn as they play with our technological devices. Most won’t even realize that they’re learning, but if they do will understand that learning can also be fun. Great idea!

  • I love the idea that this combines something that kids are already doing (and apparently, LOVE to do) with something that will ultimately be beneficial to them. Technology is the future of this country, and kids are already spending hours each day on computers, Ipads, smartphones, etc., so why not have them learning while they are doing this?

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