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Next Stop Legoland California: Family Friendly Theme Park

I have decided that Legoland is one of my absolute places to vacation with the kids. I haven’t traveled everywhere yet, but out of the places we’ve been, this family friendly theme park seems to suit our family, and the ages of my kids the best! We always have such a wonderful time and never want to leave. If you are able to stay at the Legoland Hotel, even better!

Mother & Daughter on Legoland Ride

As part of our California vacation this summer, I received some complimentary passes to enjoy the park to it’s fullest, and we most certainly did. We didn’t get to stay at the hotel this time, but we spent a day hopping back and forth from the Legoland theme park and the water park. We must have timed things just right because wait times for rides weren’t bad at all. I’ll let you in on our little secret for how we like to enjoy the park, to avoid long lines. It may not work every time, but it has worked for us the two times we’ve done it. If you have the park hopper pass and plan to visit the theme park and the water park (my recommendation), this is what you’ve got to do to make the most of it.

Legoland Water Park

1. At park opening hurry over to the water park. It’s a bit of a walk to get back to the gates, but it’s worth it. First thing in the morning, more people are riding rides and not thinking about swimming since it may be cooler out. Most of the water is heated so it’s really not cold. Doing this has avoided a lot of long lines that occur in the afternoon. Let me also say that the slides are super fun, and not extremely intimidating like some water parks. Most of my kids rode all of the slides. My daughter wasn’t quite tall enough or brave enough for the tunnel slide, but the rest was perfect!

Legoland Apple Fries2. After about an hour or two of swimming and sliding (we were able to ride everything multiple times – and in July) within an hour or two, throw some clothes on over your swimsuits and head over to the main park. Enjoy all that the park has to offer, including the delicious Apple Fries, and one hour before the water park’s closing time, head back over for another hour of swimming and riding. For us, most of the people cleared out of the water park by this time, and it was wide open playing! You will save time by not having to change back and forth from your swimsuits. I hope it works for you as it did for us!

Legoland Food is fairly affordable

Eating meals at Legoland is actually quite affordable (and tasty), and probably the best theme park pricing I’ve seen. No, there are not $1 menus, but considering you’re at a theme park, I find the prices to be quite fair.

Lego Star Wars X-Wing Firefighter
Legoland always seems to be building new attractions and exhibits. In Spring of 2013 they introduced a life size Lego Star Wars X-Wing Firefighter. It was quite the site! The kids loved seeing it, and what I found to be especially cool was that in the rear, the lights actually lit up, and the x-wing talked!

Father & Sons on Legoland Ride

There are rumors (which happen to be true) that in Spring of 2014, the water park will be introducing the Legends of Lego Chima Water Park! Crossing my fingers that we will get to go for the opening of it, since my twins are HUGE Lego Chima fans! Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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