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Outshine Fruit Bar Raspberry Smoothies


Outshine Fruit Bar Raspberry Smoothies #RealFruitBar #shop

With all of the exercising and healthier eating I have been doing lately, I sometimes have a difficult time finding enough treats and healthy snacks that I can eat and feel good about it. Because I after all, can’t live without having any treats at all! It can be tricky finding something that tastes good enough to spend the calories on it. Then there is the problem of children coming home from school super hungry, and not knowing what to feed them. I really do not like giving them chips and cookies for every day snacks, so that means a little more creativity on my part. During the summer the kids ate a lot of popsicles and frozen fruit bars, but for Fall, I wanted to see if I could find a way to change things up and still satisfy everyone. Because I live in Northern California, our Fall days are not overly chilly so smoothies are not out of the question.

Outshine Fruit Bars #RealFruitBar #shop

I picked up a box of Dreyer’s Outshine Fruit Bars (if you live East of the Rockies, you may have Edy’s brand), to make some Outshine Fruit Bar Raspberry Smoothies. I love that there are so many flavors to choose from, and especially the Seasonal Picks that Outshine puts out. Outshine has the slogan “Don’t just snack, snack brighter.” With nearly every Outshine flavor being fat-free, and boasting just 80 calories with real fruit, I think they do a pretty nice job of helping us snack brighter. They sure make for some yummy smoothies too!

Outshine Fruit Bar Raspberry Smoothies #RealFruitBar #shop 001

For our after school snacks, I combine the frozen fruity goodness of the fruit bars with the protein from Greek yogurt, and sweeten it up a tad with honey and orange juice concentrate. If you want to make it a little creamier, then add half a banana!

Outshine Fruit Bar Raspberry Smoothies #RealFruitBar #shop 002
Blend it all up in a blender and you’ve got yourself a tasty refreshing treat that you can feel good about! I like to drink these after a workout if I’m feeling hot and want a treat.

Outshine Fruit Bar Raspberry Smoothies

Outshine Fruit Bar Raspberry Smoothies


  • 3 Outshine Fruit Bars
  • 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 Tbs honey
  • 1 tsp orange juice concentrate
  • 1/2 banana (optional)


1. Add all ingredients to a blender and combine until creamy.


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  • I love the idea of smoothies as an after-school snack! Such a great idea to use Outshine Fruit Bars in them as well – especially when short on fresh fruit. This recipe looks and sounds great, definitely going to give this a try. #client

  • Those smoothies look great!! I will be buying some of these fruit bars on my next shopping trip!

  • What a great idea! I will definitely be doing this – have some fruit bars in the freezer right now. I would never have thought to turn them into smoothies.

  • What a great idea, why didnt I think of this? When fruit isn’t in season I can use these for smoothies. The bar form for the late night sweet tooth is appealing as well

  • Wow, I never thought of using popsicles to make smoothies. I have never seen the Outshine brand, but our store does have the fruit bars. I will definitely try this! Thanks!

  • These sound great! Do you know if the bars have gluten in them though? We are finding it in the strangest places.

  • How come I didn’t think about this??? I board super easy with my same old smoothie each day!! Never thought to use frozen fruit bars as part of them!!! Thanks for a great inspiration!! And I live East of the Rockies so I’ll be looking for the Edy’s brand!!

  • I would never have thought of that!! And mixing it with yogurt – what a perfect smoothie. Definitely trying this.

  • I have been experimenting making Green Smoothies, don’t think thta you can go wrong with any combination.
    I do like getting new ideas and this one sounds terrific, for a healthy treat!

  • These Outshine bars are the best frozen bars on the market. I just ate the Raspberry bar last night! I never thought about making Smoothies with them. I am going to make a smoothie with these bars. The Pineapple flavored bars are the best!

  • This is such a great idea! I’ve never tried making a smoothie out of a popsicle. I will definitely be trying this in the future!

  • Outshine fruit bars. I’ve never heard of these. Living east of the Rockies, I will look for them. They sound like what I look for in healthy snacks. Thank you for the additional recipe for smoothies. yum!

  • Oh this looks so good!! I love smoothies and used to make them all the time, but my blender broke, so I guess it’s time to get a new one!! Thanks for sharing this recipe!!

  • A great idea. I’m not a fan of smoothies but I will be sharing this idea with my mom. Thanks!

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