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STM Velo 2 Laptop Shoulder Bag Review

My oldest niece, Kendall, has just begun a new adventure – college! From what I hear, she is loving it so far. To help her start on the right foot, I hooked her up with an STM Velo 2 Laptop Shoulder Bag, which she offered to review for me. Here are her thoughts:

The STM Velo 2 messenger bag is fantastic. It is one of the most equipped bags I have ever owned; it is highly organized yet still simplistic in design. There is an entirely separate compartment for laptops, and the zipper is located on the side for easy access. The small sized bag is perfect for a 13” screen, and there is still room in the bag for plenty of items. Other laptop bags I’ve seen don’t have much in the way of protection, but the padding inside this one is guaranteed to keep your laptop safe. Being separate from the rest of your things, there is no danger of things spilling or damaging your laptop.

With the STM Velo 2 Laptop Shoulder Bag, there are plenty of pockets for organized storage, but there is still plenty of room for larger items. The number of pockets can appear overwhelming at first, but they are all excellently placed, and a use can be found for all of them. There is also a pocket on the back to attach to the handle of a suitcase, making it an excellent travel bag. The shoulder strap is also amazingly comfortable as well as extremely sturdy. The weight distribution in the strap is remarkable. I can carry heavy loads and still feel limited soreness and fatigue. The fabric is exceptionally durable; I’ve been through pouring rain and everything inside was still completely dry. The fabric also stays extremely clean. It even has a nice design, casual enough for everyday but also professional enough for work.  I am very happy with the quality of this bag. It has been absolutely perfect for keeping all of my things protected and organized. My only reservation is that it is a little bulky, and it can be hard to adjust to fit your shoulder just right. Other than that, this bag is perfect for both school and work.


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  • Your niece is awesome. What a great review! Best wishes to her on her college adventure.

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