Teaching Kids Safety with The Safety Show DVD + Pin to Win!

Finding wholesome shows that teach helpful principals to our kids can be a bit of a challenge at times; Especially when you want to keep them engaged and entertained as well. So much of media these days is all about entertaining and not educating. I love when the two come together nicely for one great show. The Mother Company has figured out how to master that task.

The Safety Show DVD

I was introduced to Ruby’s Studio, a line of DVDs produced by The Mother Company, a couple of years ago at a blogging conference. The first show I saw was The Feelings Show, but now they’ve come out with The Safety Show. The main character, Ruby, has a loving and happy disposition, and is very engaging with the kids. Did I mention that she has red hair just like all of my kids? Ruby is very appealing to children and has an infectious smile. Beyond all of that, she teaches great morals and lessons.

The Safety Show DVD

In The Safety Show DVD, kids learn to be the boss of their own body, and to keep it sacred. Through engaging stories and cartoons, as well as hands-on activities with a small group of children, Ruby talks about keeping private parts private, and to always have a safe adult they can talk to. Other useful stories teach kids what to do if they are ever lost, or approached by a stranger. These stories give kids the verbiage of what to say and do if ever in a precarious situation. A big thing that I liked was that Ruby teaches kids to recognize that “Uh oh” feeling they might get in their stomach, which indicates that a situation might not be the safest.

The Safety Show DVD

I watched The Safety Show with my daughter today and she was completely engaged, and really came away with some useful information. We sat and watched the entire show together. Throughout the show, children share some of their thoughts on safety, which I find particularly enjoyable. I have found that kids relate well to other kids, and seem to stay engaged when other kids talk and voice their opinions. My little one loved hearing what the kids had to say. The variation between real live people talking and interacting, and cartoon stories being told to help really drive a point home, is part of what I think keeps everyone entertained.

Want to learn more about The Safety Show? Here’s a really cute post from founder Abbie Schiller about why they created The Safety Show DVD. Then go to this page and get your own copy with this discount code at purchase Safety2013 for 20% off DVD or download for The Safety Show (expires 12/31/13).

The Safety Show is coming to a town near you! Check out the free live showings and kids activity events here.


The Mamas from The Mother Company are offering a fun Pin it to Win contest too! Enter now for a chance to win a set of their newest books, A Little Book About Friendship, One For All and Casey Caterpillar Feels Left Out PLUS A copy of the DVD- The Safety Show AND a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

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