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Worst Bathroom Nightmare #LetsTalkBums

I am a Cottonelle Ambassador, here discussing my worst bathroom nightmare. All opinions expressed are my own.

 Delta Corrente Toilet

The music from Psycho is playing in the back of my mind as I walk into the bathroom and find that not only are we out of toilet paper, but we are also out of wet wipes. What this means is that one of my toddlers has taken matters into their own hands (literally) and their fecal matter is now smeared all over the walls, bathtub, our shower curtain, the counter and light switch. This scenario is one of my  nightmares, and I have the unfortunate trouble to say that I have actually had to face this. You’ve all seen the scene from Daddy Day Care that pretty much exhibits exactly what I just shared, right? That ought to give you a pretty clear picture of what I’m talking about.

What do you do when you are using the restroom and you’ve run out of TP and bum wipes? Most of us probably holler for someone to come bail us out and come to our rescue, but what if you are home alone? Ugh, I don’t even want to think about it! For this reason, I try to always keep a stock of supplies in my bathroom cupboard.

Because I’m feeling extra dirty just talking about the things my toddlers have put me through (and let’s face it – my big kids too), I thought I’d share a way that you can get extra clean “down there”. The Cottonelle Routine of using dry paper, wet, then dry again, is really a great way to make your bum happy. When I say dry paper, I mean Cottonelle toilet paper of course, and the wet would be Cottonelle bum wipes. Talk about a refreshing feeling and confidence knowing you “got it all”!

Cherry Healey is saving many bums as she walks through the airport educating people about the Cottonelle Routine and bum wipes that adults can feel confident using! Hopefully none of you will have to experience Psycho music playing in your head when you happen upon the restroom!

What are your fears when it comes to the restroom?


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