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In honor of my 30th birthday to come on the 30th of November this year, I wanted to do some fun posts this month, highlighting the number 30. I know some people dread getting older and in some ways it’s definitely not so fun, but I am very ready to hit the 3-0. I feel like I kind of have an old soul and have experienced enough trials and hardships in my adult life, to warrant me being at least 30!

To start things off for the month, I thought I’d let you all get to know me a bit better with 30 things about me! Hopefully you enjoy reading my list, and I’d love for you to comment with a few things about you, or anything we may have in common! I love getting to know people from all over the world, and in different walks of life.

Here goes….

  1. I am the youngest of 6, with 3 brothers and 2 sisters
  2. I am a Mormon
  3. I am a pianist and I know how to play the organ, and play for church 1-2 times per month
  4. I have 4 children. 3 boys (9,8,8) and 1 girl (4)
  5. I used to be able to carry a tune when singing, but after having my twins, I can hardly sing at all without my voice cracking
  6. I wear size 11 shoes (don’t judge)! They were size 10 most of my life, but kids made my feet grow!
  7. I LOVE decorating for each holiday
  8. I like surprises (good ones only of course)
  9. I attended 4 years of early morning seminary as a teenager. Seminary is basically a religious school for one hour in the morning before high school.
  10. I have a bachelor’s degree from BYU-Idaho, in University studies. I have a minor in music, a cluster in French, and a cluster in Child & Family studies.
  11. I hate to run, but when I’m highly motivated to lose weight, I force myself to do it and I end up not hating it AS MUCH
  12. I am the heaviest I’ve ever been, without being pregnant, and I am very unhappy about it
  13. I am a dog person and I really do not like cats. After watching one jump at my husband’s chest and claw into him, early in our marriage, I am almost scared of them. It doesn’t help that I am allergic to them.
  14. I eat ice cream more for the yummy toppings than the ice cream itself
  15. If I’m going to make or have homemade mashed potatoes, I just HAVE to have homemade gravy. It’s the best!
  16. I have had two people die in my arms – my newborn daughter and my grandfather
  17. I am terrified of Christmas and the entire season this year, which is very rare for me because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. Having my grandpa die last Christmas, in my arms, was quite traumatic and really altered that Christmas, and Christmas Eve, for me. I hope that things will be peaceful and happy this year, to help me get over the angst of the bad feelings and terrible experience last Christmas. FYI, it wasn’t all bad. There were tender mercies along the way and I’m so glad I was able to be with my grandpa in his time of need.
  18. Sometimes I feel like I am a bad wife and mother because of my impatience and tone with my husband and kids.
  19. I often feel under appreciated and misunderstood.
  20. I love to snuggle and kiss my kids! I also love that they ALL still call me mommy. I’m kind of sad for the day that my oldest stops (he’s almost 10)!
  21. I love to cheer for my kids in their sports and extra curricular activities. I can be one very proud momma.
  22. I think marriage is hard. Important, and sometimes wonderful, but hard.
  23. I love my mom to pieces and am terrified for the day she dies. I don’t know how I will get along in life without her. She is my best friend.
  24. My dad is my hero! Sure he can be cranky and argumentative at times, but I think he is a wonderful man and I LOVE the relationship he has with my kids. It makes me smile knowing how much he loves them.
  25. I will have been married 11 years on November 23rd.
  26. I love to travel and explore different areas, and learn about different types of people.
  27. I. Love. To. Eat. Out. Okay, it may be a bit of an addiction. I do cook dinner for my family most every night of the week, but I love to eat out for lunch more than I should.
  28. I believe the experiences we have shape us into who we are. I also believe God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, and that each of our struggles and trials are made for us as individuals, to make us stronger. Without pain and suffering, how would we know happiness right?
  29. I cannot stand a messy house, but can’t ever seem to keep it clean for any length of time, and it drives me crazy!
  30. Sometimes I get tired of my trials and wish they’d go away, but with all that I have been blessed with, it’s hard to complain. As much work as life, work, and a family is, I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world!





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  • I loved your list of 30, Emily! It is very honest, real, and fun….I loved learning about you. Beautiful picture of you also. You are a keeper and it is a pleasure to know you! 🙂

  • I love it Emily. I can relate to a lot of the same! Some of those I even knew about. I love you Emily. You Rock! P.S I have a few that only you and I know about 😉

  • Awww…great list! Thank you for sharing! I am super close to my mom also. After losing my dad a few years ago, I really don’t know how I will ever handle losing her someday. It’s very hard, she is 75, and still in good health but I can definitely see her aging before my eyes. I often feel under-appreciated too, I’m sure many mothers feel that way. My four kids are 13, 15, 17, and 20 – I miss all the snuggling and “mommy-calling” from when they were little but they still have plenty of ways of showing their affection and that they really do still need me. Happy birthday AND Happy anniversary wishes to you!

  • You are so awesome!
    FWIW…. I couldnt WAIT to be done with my 20s… I was a partying college student and 30 was becoming an adult, a mom and responsible for me! It was awesome.

    *I still cant believe you are so young! You have it all together already. It’s really impressive!

  • Great list! Have a wonderful anniversary and birthday! I remember my 30th…we had a party in Las Vegas, but I couldn’t drink because I was prego with my 1st.

  • What a wonderful idea to put out this list for your 30th birthday. And while I am much older than you (55 to be exact), I can relate to much of what you said. Like you, I absolutely LOVE decorating for the Holidays!!! Always have! Indoors and outdoors, my house is truly a Winter Wonderland. I, also like you, am terrified for this Christmas! You see, my Dad (a wonderful man) passed away 1 1/2 weeks ago, on October 23rd, and it is going to be so difficult this year. Every year, for my whole 55 years, my family has celebrated on Christmas Eve at my parents’ house, not missing one single year. My dad would be so happy and excited that you could see (happy) tears through his ear-to-ear smile, watching us kids, and now the grandchildren, open their gifts. Christmas WILL NOT be the same, ever again! I also love my Mom more than words can say, and am dreading the day I have to say goodbye to her. She is really hurting right now, Dad and Mom were married 58 years, and spent all their time together. She is like a lost soul, and I feel so bad for her. I also believe that God never gives us more than we can handle, although right now it seems like He has. I know we will get through this, and that there are happier days ahead. I, like you, came from a large family. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters, plus I lost my little sister back in 1971 when she was just 7 years old. I am now married for 31 years and have 3 children (daughters, 29 and 23, and a son, 25). So enough about me, it was nice getting to know you better. Again, what a wonderful website you have, and what a great way to let us know more about you. It sounds like you are an amazing Mom with an equally amazing family!! Happy Anniversary to you on the 23rd and Happy Birthday on the 30th!!!

  • I’m sorry for your loss Susan, and I hope you will be able to find peace and happiness during the hoildays, knowing your dad is watching over you all!

  • I love you list Emily. I can relate to a lot of what you’ve written. You’ve got an amazing blog…I think I am addicted. LOL

    (Sent you an email)


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