DIY Thanksgiving Dinner Place Cards with Alpha-Bits

DIY Thanksgiving Dinner Place Cards #alphabits

Because of my love for DIY and spending quality time with my children, I am being compensated by Alpha-Bits to come up with a Thanksgiving-themed craft or recipe, as part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. After watching my kids eat Alpha-Bits for breakfast for a few days, I came up with a project that I knew my daughter would love to help me with. Together we created easy DIY Thanksgiving Dinner Place Cards using Alpha-Bits.

Alpha-Bits Cereal

Not only are Alpha-Bits a tasty snack or breakfast, but the shaped pieces of cereal are great for reinforcing letter recognition with little ones. My daughter loves pointing out which letters she is eating with every bite. There are some instances where it really is okay to play with your food, and this is one of them!

DIY Thanksgiving Dinner Place Cards #alphabits

If you are in need of an activity to keep the kids busy while you prepare Thanksgiving dinner, then put them in charge of making up dinner place cards! All you need to do is cut strips of card stock (I wish I had used a fun fall color), big enough to fit each person’s name on them. Then have the kids sort through a bowl of Alpha-Bits, or dump them out onto a table or baking sheet for easier sorting. The kids can pick out the letters they will need to create a place card for each person attending dinner. This will help them practice letter recognition, as well as sounding them out to spell everyone’s names! Using a bit of Elmer’s glue, attach each of the Alpha-Bits onto the card stock, spelling out each person’s name. You can cut the card stock big enough to fold it over for it’s own stand, or hold the name cards with a clothespin! Totally easy, and you can even reuse them for any ol’ family dinner!

I think I will try to find a turkey stamp and add it to the name cards, to spruce them up a bit. I’d love to hear your ideas for recipes or crafts using Alpha-Bits! I’ll bet we could come up with a tasty Fall treat mix using these!

For more information or to find out where you can buy Alpha-Bits, visit their product page.

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  • This really a cute idea to use Alpha Bits to make place cards! I want to do this! My niece and nephew would love it! Thanks for the idea!

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