Online Shopping with MasterCard MasterPass for More Family Time #MasterPass #MC

I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric community.  I have been compensated to share my experience with you by Collective Bias and their client, MasterCard. Learn about Online Shopping with MasterCard MasterPass for More Family Time.

Do your shopping online with MasterPass #MasterPass #MC

Shopping during the holidays can be so consuming, and take up all of your waking hours if you allow it to.  I prefer to spend my holidays focusing on the people I love,  and how we can make the most of our time together. Read on to see how I accomplish online shopping with MasterCard MasterPass for more family time!

With the added time that my husband and kids are home, there are a few different ways we can spend this time together.  Which of these options seem most appealing to you?

 Online Shopping with MasterPass #MasterPass #MC

1) Spending your day yelling at the kids to clean up, and being preoccupied with anything but the family.

2) Spending hardly any time at home, hopping from store to store, stressing over the perfect gifts.

3) Baking, Doing crafts, Decorating, and Playing with the kids. Heck, the kids can even join in on all of these projects! Maybe there could even be time for a nap!

In my mind, these options are not difficult to pick from. Number 3 is definitely my idea of how to spend a holiday break. I have found a way to accomplish it; and I’d love to share my secret with you!

checking out securely with #MasterPass #MC

If you have a MasterCard then you are in luck because you can register it with MasterPass for safe, secure and fast online shopping! With the MasterPass digital wallet I can save my credit card information, shipping info, and any loyalty programs I might be a part of. Time saved AND I don’t have to spend the gas or energy to run around town looking for gifts. See my point? I do my online shopping and avoid lines, crowds, a nagging husband, crying children, and I can have peace of mind! So why wouldn’t I want to shop online?

Don’t you just hate having to enter all of your credit card information every time you need to check out somewhere online? No more of that while using your MasterPass digital wallet! Simply shop at participating online retailers and select MasterPass when checking out. Voila – all of your information is already there, because you planned ahead and already input it all on MasterPass!

Just this week I did a little Living Social shopping, which I love because I can snag multiple types of gifts. They’ve got something for everyone! What I do is shop online after everyone has gone to bed, so my shopping doesn’t interfere with family time! The bonus of shopping at Living Social like I did is that I can feel good about what I spend because I always get a bargain! They even have deals on activities and events, which means MORE time with my family, doing things we love! So what should I pick, a hockey game with the hubs, Le Cirque De Boheme with the kids, or a family run at The Sweater Dash 5K? So many choices!

To have successful online shopping be sure to sign up for MasterPass for more family time!

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  • I love Cyber Monday and think that to camp out in store parking lots just to save money on gifts should be outlawed!! We do love the Pay Pal for secure online transactions and this one with Master Pass sounds wonderful too. With so much online fraud, it is nice to know your purchases and banking info is secure.

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