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Building Memories at Build-A-Bear Workshop


Build-A-Bear Workshop
I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to take my kids to Build A Bear Workshop. I knew Little Miss B would be over the moon to go, but I was concerned my boys might think they were too old to join in the fun. Wrong! My ten year old was a bit stand-offish, but the twins were way more excited than I anticipated. There is something for everyone at Build A Bear, and the fun begins the minute you walk into the Workshop.

Build-A-Bear Fox in a Giants Uniform

First on the agenda is finding that special plush animal that’s just right for you. Of course, we knew something pink was in order for Miss B. The boys all found just the right “manly” plush critter. I was so pleased there was even a Fox for my Big Boy, who loves the trendy song – What Does the Fox Say. It was just the right thing for an almost pre-teen.

Build-A-Bear Traits

After you select your high quality plush critter, you spend some time at the huge computer screen choosing the characteristics you want your plush to embody. You place a small plush heart right on the screen and drag the characteristics you desire your bear/critter to have right to the heart. It was a very insightful opportunity to see what qualities each of my children found important.

Build-A-Bear Stuffing Machine

Then take your “Bear” to the stuffing machine and the specially trained stuffing technician makes sure your new friend is stuffed just to your specifications. Then just before your furry friend is stitched shut, she has you rub the little red heart on all different parts of your body, so your personal essence is on the heart, bonding your furry friend to you forever. After the stuffing process, your Bear is fluffed and ready to find just the right outfit and accessories.

Build-A-Bear Dressing Room

There are so many outfits and accessories to choose from – something to fit every taste. My guys selected professional sport team attire  – just the right manly outfit for their critter. 49ers, NFL and Giants fans over here! Miss B decided on a beautiful bride ensemble. The clothing and accessories are all made of high quality material with attention to detail and workmanship. I was impressed. All of the clothing is made for little hands and ease of changing outfits. Build-A-Bear Workshops even have a dressing station to take care of that business before leaving the store. The staff members are all so friendly and helpful, every step of the way!

The clothing and accessories make the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for that special someone you know who has their own special Build-A-Bear critter. I surprised my kids with shoes to go along with all of their outfits, in their stockings.

Build-A-Bear Critters

After making all of our selections, we spent time at the computer register the kids’ Bear, selecting names, and printing up their “Birth Certificate.” I’m glad grandpa was on hand to help the guys choose their favorite professional athlete’s name. We now have a Camo Bear named Kaepernick and a Furry dog named Davis (don’t ask me who they are). Miss B decided to name her little bunny bride Cinderella. Very fitting I think! Because we had the fox mailed to us for my oldest, we haven’t visited the naming station yet. Maybe on our next visit to the Roseville mall!

Build-A-Bear Going Home

I must say, it was a lovely way to spend time with my children to enjoy their enthusiasm and watch their creativity. One of the best things about Build-A-Bear is the affordability. The plush animals range in price and none are what I would call expensive. A visit would make for a fun birthday party or celebration! And don’t think of personalized stuff animals as just a child’s toy.

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