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No Compromising with Finish Power & Free Dishwashing Detergent

Want to learn about a safer cleaning product that gets your dishes clean? Come read about how I was sent the brand new Finish Power & Free dishwashing detergent to test out on my dishes.

With all of the holiday cooking and baking brings extra dishes. I think that many of us likely just think about what it’s going to take to get those dishes clean. I know that I personally haven’t put a lot of thought into what kinds of chemicals might be in those cleaning products that get my dishes clean. We tell our kids not to eat food that has fallen on the ground, but would we allow them to eat off of a plate that has been “cleaned” with harsh chemicals? Interesting thought right? I’m sure none of us would intentionally say yes. How harsh those chemicals are, I’m not sure. It definitely might be something worth pondering though.

Finish Power & Free Dishwashing Detergent

I was just introduced to a cleaning product that claims to get dishes sparkling clean, and with less harsh chemicals. So far I am impressed with the workings of Finish Power & Free by Finish dishwashing, which launches in stores in January 2014. Although you won’t be able to head out to the store to pick it up yet, you can learn about it now and get pumped for the new, safer, cleaning product to hit the market.

Clean Dishes

Finish Power & Free is a new product for families with young children who want the power of Finish Quantum with a more gentle formula for their families. There is no compromising with Finish Power & Free because you won’t have to sacrifice cleanliness for safety. I’ve started using this product already and the results have been nice.

I have even learned a few tips to help conserve water, and to help your dishwasher work more efficiently. According to Finish, you should just scrape off the large food particles and not pre-rinse, before placing your dishes in the dishwasher. Not only can pre-rinsing dishes waste water (up to 20 gallons per load according to the EPA) and energy, it may even prevent your detergent from working at it’s best. I had no idea that pre-rinsing could keep the detergent from working at it’s best! I have been giving this a try, and my dishes really are coming out clean even without pre-rinsing!

Finish Power & Free Dishwashing Detergent

Finish Power & Free detergents feature Hydrogen Peroxide Action and do not contain chlorine bleach (thank goodness). They use less fragrances  and dyes versus regular Finish detergents. You may even be able to tell from the picture that the colors aren’t as bright as some of their other products. I personally don’t see the need for dye in a cleaning product so that makes me happy!



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