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Hosting a Kid-Friendly New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is a big deal at my house. Read how we celebrate with some kid-friendly New Year’s Eve party ideas. We will be adding Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, A Very Merry Pooh Year which I received for review, to our celebrations this year.

My son really loves New Year’s Eve. I mean REALLY loves it! He loves it more then Thanksgiving, Christmas or his birthday (which is right after Christmas). It is his absolute favorite holiday! So every year I try to make it fun for him by planning a kid-friendly New Year’s Eve party for him and his cousins. I try to make it a fun night for them all, as a great end to the holiday season! Here are a few ideas that I have used to host a kid-friendly New Year’s Eve Bash!

* “A Year in Photos” time-line: Last year I decided to decorate for our New Year’s Eve Party by printing out photos of memorable events that happened in our family that year such as birthdays, vacations and holidays. I stuck them all around our living as party decorations. The kids loved seeing their photos and remembering some special memories that we made that year!

* Games– Our kids love playing games, so I like to have a few fun party games planned. To add some variety to the evening I asked that each family comes to the party with one game to share. I think that this will make for some fun party games, and makes it easier on planning!

* Reflections of the year– Part of the fun of New Years Eve is to reflect on all of the fun of the past year, and look forward to a new one. I made these fun, printable worksheets which I plan to pass out as everyone arrives to help the kids remember some good times and look forward to some new beginnings!

2013 Year in Review and 2014 Goals

* Photo Booth– This year I plan to set up a fun “year in review” photo booth area, by decorating a wall with some sparkly paper and a 2013 sign. Then I will leave some photo props and accessories from different seasons, and let the kids take different photos that re-enact events from the year! I’m sure then will come up with some hilarious photos!

*Early New Year’s Countdown– Since we live on the west coast, all of the New York countdown shows broadcast live at 9pm for us (they also replay it at midnight). We take advantage of this, by holding an early New Year’s Eve countdown for our kids at 9pm. We usually start about half an hour before, putting on some fun music and letting them dance and have fun! Then when it gets close to “midnight” we switch on one of the countdown shows and hand out party poppers and blowers to
the kids! They all have such a great time going crazy with the party poppers that it even makes all the party popper string worth the mess!

Party Poppers

* Bubbly toast– What would New Years Eve be without a little toast? After our New Year’s Countdown we bring out the sparkling cider and plastic champaign cups for a NYE toast! I think this is my son’s favorite part of the party!

* After-party– After staying up till “midnight” all of the kids are usually worn out, so I like to give them some down time by letting them get into PJs and watching a movie in one of the bedrooms. This is a great way for them to feel like the party is still going, and allow the parents to enjoy some party-time too!

This year, I have found the perfect movie to share with the kids for their NYE After-party. Its Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, A Very Merry Pooh Year, Gift of Friendship Edition, which is available nationwide for the first time on DVD and Blu-Ray Combo Pack.

Winnie the Pooh A Very Merry Pooh Year
In this full-length movie, New Year’s Eve has come to the Hundred Acre Woods, and Pooh and his friends want to celebrate! However, Rabbit convinces them that they can’t celebrate until they have successfully worked on his New Years Resolutions to help them “better themselves”. As the friends attempt to work on their resolutions (with hilarious results), they learn what it means to be a real friend, and enjoy the spirit of the season. This movie, filled with beautiful songs, and some beloved characters, will be the perfect end to our kid-friendly NYE Party!

To add Disney’s Winnie the Pooh A Very Merry Pooh Year to your New Year, find it at stores nationwide or get it on sale now from Amazon for 24.99 (order today to get it in time for December 31).

Leanne Cox is a guest writer for CleverHousewife.com. She is a stay-at-home mom to two kids, and a credentialed preschool teacher. Leanne teaches “mommy-and-me” and “preschool style” music & movement classes through her business “Little Stars Music & Movement Classes” . She is passionate about encouraging early childhood education through hands on learning and exploration

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