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Loving My Pup & ALPO® Blogger Dog Videos on Youtube

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ALPO® Brand Dog Food   . All opinions are 100% mine.

My kids and I love to watching dog videos together. In fact, some of our favorite Youtube videos are ones of animals. They are just so cute and have such fun personalities. We love our pup and spend a lot of time laughing at her quirky personality, and snuggling with her of course. We call her our little heater because she loves to hunker way down under the covers, and has to sleep right up against my legs. I'm amazed at how much heat radiates off of her. You would think she'd get hot but she doesn't seem to. She is also such a lover and a hugger! Needless to say, we love our dog Lucy, and love ALPO®'s slogan "Happy Stars Here."

ALPO® realizes that many people love cute dog videos and have come up with many of their own. Through a series of Youtube videos, ALPO® showcases their wet dog food product line by putting together a small focus group of dogs. Each dog has their own personality and voice, and weighs in on ALPO®, and their opinion of the blogger dogs who eat ALPO®. The video above gives you an example of one of the dogs' focus group meetings. Think that's funny? See what else our focus group has to say about our favorite blogger dogs. I've gotta say, Ralph is my favorite. In the video about the dog Roxie, Ralph just cracks me up. I think I've met a dog or two like him before. 

Is there a blogger dog in the videos that reminds you of your own dog? How would your dog react to ALPO®? ALPO® dog food helps support a happy, healthy life, a shiny coat, strong bones and teeth and a mealtime tail that just can't stop wagging. A healthy dog is a happy dog. 

Watch more blog dog videos and get inspired to share photos and videos of your dog with #HappyStartsHere. You can also see more pup photos on the ALPO® Instagram page

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