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Nintendo 2DS Review: An Affordable Gaming Console

nintendo 2ds

Since 2010, Nintendo has been selling a new line of portable devices called the 3DS with special 3D properties that can be turned on and off; access to the Nintendo eShop, where users can buy games online; and wireless connectivity for multiplayer and co-op play. Just last year, Nintendo released a new version of the 3DS called the DSXL which is slightly larger than the 3DS. Although these are fun, they run for about $170 to $200 which is too expensive for many people. To solve this dilemma, Nintendo has released a new version of the 3DS which is only $129.99 – it’s the Nintendo 2DS!

For this review I really wanted to break things down with the pros and cons so you can really get a good picture of what is different about the 2DS.

Nintendo 2ds

Pros: The 2DS has many of the same great features of the 3DS and 3DSXL such as the eShop, wireless connectivity, and a camera. It mainly sacrifices the 3D screen which some people may prefer anyway since the 3D screen has been criticized as distracting and head-ache inducing. The 2DS is also compatible with all 3DS and DS games giving it a large library of portable games. One difference about the 2DS is its flat, hinge-less design. Not having the hinges makes it sturdier for kids. Along with its parental control features, the 2DS is perfect for younger gamers.

Cons: The 2DS doesn’t just sacrifice 3D features; it also replaces the stereo speakers with cheaper mono speakers which don’t sound as crisp. It also has a cheap plastic feel which reminds you of how cheap it is. Also, even though its flat design makes it more child-proof, it’s much less portable than a foldable 3DS. Not only that, but some people think its strange, wedge-like shape makes it “one of the ugliest consoles of all time.”

With all of this being said, the 2DS is a decent, cheaper alternative to the 3DS with plenty of features that many people love, and great child-friendly features. Thanks to all these awesome features, the 2DS would be a fantastic gift for younger kids.

Now that you’ve got your gaming console pegged, how about game options? The games that I’ve been checking out lately are Mario Party: Island TourNintendogs + cats and Style Savvy: Trendsetters.

mario party island tour

Of course, any Mario game is a hit among kids (and adults) of all ages. Mario Party: Island Tour is made for the 3DS but will work on the 2DS as well. If you really want to please the kids with a Mario game but don’t want to spend $40+ like you have to for many Mario games, then this game is a nice option. I spotted it on sale for $33.61 on Amazon! This Mario game is not as highly rated as some of the others, but still has some fun play. The game boards move along more quickly than other Mario Party games we have played (mostly on the Wii). Some pros and cons to that!

Video games

For the pet lover and fashionista on your shopping list, Nintendogs + cats and Style Savvy: Trendsetters are excellent game options! These are both highly rated and a huge hit with my daughter! She is only 4.5 so there are still some features she needs help with for the Style Savvy game, but as a lover of style, she loves the concepts! Choose from more than 12,000 clothing items and accessories representing a range of more than 20 distinctive brands. Hours of play and recreating with this game!

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