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Playtime with Disney FROZEN Dolls

I am a 2013 Mattel Disney Insider, and as such I have been asked to review the new Disney FROZEN dolls. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Taking the entire family to the movies is kind of special to me. I personally love watching and going to the movies, but what I enjoy even more is watching my kids thoroughly enjoy a movie. When a funny line is said, or something magical has happened on the big screen, I turn to see how my kids reacted. It makes me happy to see them grin ear to ear, or even get emotionally attached to the characters on screen. Perhaps I’m strange, but I find there is some type of magic that happens in the movie theater. We experienced all of this and more when we went to see Disney’s FROZEN on Thanksgiving Day.

I thoroughly enjoyed FROZEN, as did the rest of my family. I knew it would be good, but I didn’t expect it to blow me away the way that it did. The music was phenomenal, and boy did we laugh. My daughter fell in love with Anna and Elsa. I asked her today, If she could pick an Anna or Elsa doll for Christmas, which would she pick? She simply couldn’t decide and said she must have them both! Each princess has their very different personalities, which makes them equally fun and beautiful. Then there is Kristoff. Oh, Kristoff! Such a fun relationship that Kristoff and Anna have with one another.

Disney FROZEN Dolls

To bring adventure and fun into your home, you can purchase the assorted FROZEN Fashion Dolls at various retailers now, for around $19.99. I just know that my daughter will love doing some reenactments and adventures of her own with Anna, Elsa and Kristoff. Playtime can be so much fun! I am excited to offer one lucky reader a set of the very same FROZEN dolls pictured above. But first I want to recall Anna’s fearlessness and how with encouragement and determination anything is possible. I think this is a great message that is portrayed in FROZEN, and one that we can teach our daughters and sons.

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  • My daughter has faced her fears by sleeping in the dark, sounds simple.. But she’s young and knows that sometimes there will be darkness, and it’s OK

  • He was scared of the vacuum. We bought him a toy one that made noise and looked like ours. He’s been helping since!

  • I would love to win disney frozen dolls . My daughter is afraid to go in the basement alone. So I give her my cell phone to take with her. It keeps the monsters away.

  • My fear was being alone so now I have two kids and a wonderful hubby, now im never alone even when Id like a moment to myself Lol

  • Not sure how DS learned to dive. He refused mostly, then one swim meet he had it. He said he was tired of not winning races?!!

  • I am terrified of bugs, but because our basement is unfinished, we get plenty of camel crickets down there. For a long time, I wouldn’t go in the basement if I saw one, but now I have started getting close enough to them to either kill them or at least walk past them to get to my washer & dryer.

  • Oh my girls would love these! My 2 year old won’t stop saying “Anna” and “Elsa”! 🙂 thanks!

  • My five year old was terrified of automatic flushing toilets. We just spent a week in Disneyland, where that is the only option everywhere you go. While they still make her nervous, she is finally at a place where she can go to the bathroom despite being afraid. That’s huge progress!

  • My daughter is afraid of bugs, and we helped by letting ants and ladybugs crawl on our hands to show they tickle, not hurt.

  • Whenever I am afraid of anything, I remind myself that I have done some amazing things in life that are much scarier than the fear I am facing. For instance, I went thru 51 hours of labor for my vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean).

  • My daughter used to be afraid of our dog but the more we let her be around him the less afraid she got.

  • My daughter is afraid of the dark. She has to have the closet door shut at bedtime and a night light and TV on.

  • My kids have expressed, in the past, that they wouldn’t know what to do if Dad and Mom were not around. We reassure them that we love each other very much and we’ll always be together. I think this came from some of their friends’ parents being separated/divorced. They smile when we give each other kisses/hugs, then they quickly get disgusted and a chorus of “Ewwwwwww! Stop it!” ensues, followed by laughter. LOL!!!

  • When my kids were toddlers, they had a traumatic experience in a horrible car accident. The first thing my daughter said when I pulled her out of the car was “I dreamed that was going to happen, and then it really did!” After that, she was afraid to go to sleep, as she was afraid she’d have another bad dream that would come true. She overcame her bedtime fears by starting a bedtime routine we call ‘happy thoughts’….we reflect on what her happy place of choice would be for that evening, and I talk her through a journey of all the sights, sounds, etc. to help soothe her anxieties.

  • As a mother we have to overcome so many! My son desperately wanted to ride the skyway at our zoo…I am overcome by a fear of heights. I got on anyway, didn’t want to let him down! Dont know if I overcame the fear, but I faced it! Lets see what my daughter gets me doing Lol

  • My grandson has been afraid ooysters. He has been taught to use an invisible can of monster away and sprays the room to get rid of them.

  • I am afraid of crowds. So i rarely leave home alone. Well i started shopping really late at night then a bit earlier now i can go in a crowd without the panic

  • My 5 yr old has a hard time meeting new people. She’s so shy and cries if we left her anywhere without us. She finally one day told me if I left a kiss for her in her pocket she would be able to take it out when she was scared and has been fine ever since.

  • My daughter was afraid of the hand dryers in public restrooms because of the noise. We turned it into a game of sorts to see who could get dried the fastest. She seems to enjoy the ‘game’ and trying to win. Lol

  • Our daughter is still working on sleeping in her own room, she has been sharing with her brothers for 4 yes now. Its been a slow process but she is getting there.

  • We leave the door cracked and they have the bright light pillows and getting flashlight friends for chrismtas

  • I covered the label of a Oust can with the label “Bad Dream Spray”. I spray it a few times and we say a little thing and now they aren’t afraid of nightmares

  • My son has been afraid to go to school because of some bullies, he with help from his wonderful new teacher has been able to go the whole day with out needing to call home for support, I think seeing characters on tv who face problems are a good way for kids to overcome theres too

  • I’m overcoming my fear of failure by just keeping at it and remembering if something doesn’t work out, it wasn’t meant to be! 🙂

  • I overcame (kind of!) my fear of public speaking when I went back to college a few years ago. I had to take a speech class, at first it was horrible but actually did get easier by the end of the class.

  • My daughter is progressing in learning math! I fear it too, but she is putting in extra effort!!!!

  • I have always been afraid of water bugs – still don’t like them but now I will at least attempt to kill them or get them away from me!

  • Our grandson is so into the Frozen now, especially since he is a Little Person and has a vivid imagination.

  • My little man was so afraid of going to the doctor and getting shots but he thinks of the good things (playing in the waiting area, prize after visit) and braved up and went yesterday and he did really, really good!

  • My 3 year old daughter was afraid of the water, but she took swimming lessons and now she’s a fish!! 😀

  • Would love to win these, would be a perfect Christmas gift for my niece, and I don’t have anything bought yet. Praying I win!! 🙂

  • when I was a kid I was afraid of water. In order to help me over come that fear, my mom dropped coins in the bottom of the pool and said I could have every one that I pick up. It took most of the summer, but I got them all. Cured my fear of water.

  • My daughter had a fear of the dark when she first moved into her big girl bedroom. She conquered that fear with using night lights. It also helped her when we started reading books at night before bed.

  • she was afraid of people she didn’t know her sisters martial arts teacher started working with her doing martial arts after class and no in 6 months she is so self confident and sure of herself she walks up to the new students at the martial arts class and takes them under her wing. I am very proud of her

  • When my eldest was about three, he developed a fear of witches after we watched ‘Cinderella’ for the first time. He would wake up a night crying. So I brought out one of my perfume bottles, and sprayed some into the air, and told him that it was ‘Witch Spray’, and that as long as we sprayed it each night it would keep the witches away! It worked like a charm, and ‘Cinderella’ went on to become his favorite Disney movie!

  • My daughter has two night lights in her room to overcome her fear of sleeping by herself!

  • My daughter overcame her fear of starting Kindergarten by meeting up with kids she went to preschool with, which made her more comfortable.

  • I still sleep with the night light on because if the room is dark, I usually get nightmares or I can’t fall asleep. It’s really weird.

  • Our three year old does not like the dark when she goes to bed. So we put a bell by her bed, when she needs help with the darkest, she rings it, and then we check on her. She has grown out of it now.

  • I was in a slide off wreck this February and wasn’t hurt- damaged my front end but was fixed- I faced my fear of driving in this wintery weather the start of this season.

  • My daughter had to overcome her fear of being in a new class at school where she was the youngest by far. After many sleepless nights he found some friends and learned that the new class was fun.

  • I struggle with anxiety, so I’ve had some long years of speaking to a therapist and, at times, taking medication to assist with it. I’ve had to do a lot of exercises (or “homework” as the doc calls it) involving facing the things that cause me the greatest anxiety and dealing with them. 🙂

  • When my son is afraid of something, I hear him talking to himself. That calms him enough to get over his fear.

  • two of our kids have a fear of dogs.. strange dogs..not their own. Just takes a awhile for them to warm up to a new one. Mostly, just at their own pace.

  • My daughter was afraid to join a sport at her school. We decided to sign her up for basketball since it is a beginners league so she didn’t have to worry about being behind the other girls. She absolutely loves it, and I’m so glad we made the choice together!

  • My son overcame his fear of the monkey bars. It took time but one day when he was alone in the backyard, I saw him out the window trying it. He just felt anxiety trying to do it with other children around. Now that he knows he can do it, he’s not afraid to try it around other children.

  • My granddaughters tell their mom what they are afraid of and then their mommy talks to them to understand what to be and not to be afraid of.

  • My daughter was afraid of all of the shadows in the dark so she has a flashlight under her pillow that she rarely ever uses anymore because she has realized there is really nothing to be scared of.

  • My kids have a great fear of the dark. So we have put night lights all over the house to help them over come their fear of the dark.

  • I overcame anxiety attacks thru the program “Attacking Anxiety & Depression & especially through much personal prayers & the prayers of family & friends.

  • my son became afraid that his daddy was going to leave him. we sat him down and talked to him about his fear and are taking some steps to help him get over it

  • All my kids are scared of the dark. We have put night lights throughout our home for them to overcome their fears

  • My son is very scared of storms (we had a tree fall on our house right by the window where he was sitting) he has panic attacks sometimes but we tell him just to breath and that his mommy and daddy love him

  • My daughter just overcame her fear of climbing up the stairs. However, she is scared of walking and standing…and she’s 19 months old. :/

  • My daughter used to be scared to death of the vacuum cleaner. I’m talking about running away screaming and hiding until I was finished with it. My mother bought her a play vacuum one year for her B-day and ever since she’s gotten over her fear of it. Now we’re dealing with the fear of band aids, lol. She’s a weirdo, most kids love band aids.

  • WE both try to over come fear by talking about it. Most of the time we talk to each other but I know sometimes she’ll talk to her friends and sometimes I talk to my Mom. Talking about it to God helps as well.

  • I was scared of the dark. One day, while I was alone at my house at night, I decided to watch a horror movie. I got so scared and to make things worse, the lights went out. I had no electricity and I was very afraid. Then, I realized I was by myself and in the dark and nothing bad would happen to me, so I got used to the darkness.

  • At the beginning of the school year, my daughter was terrified of going to school and for me to not stay with her. We prayed a lot and I reminded her that just because I wasn’t with her, I was in her heart and that God was always with her too.

  • My daughter used to be afraid of the dark, it took time, but we bought dimmer & dimmer nightlights until she was able to overcome her fear

  • My daughter was scared of the dark and overcame that fear by having us talk about her fear and using a night light for awhile. She’s no longer scared.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  • My youngest daughter was always afraid to go downstairs alone so she improvised and now brings the dog down there with her if she is going alone.

  • My son was scared of big dogs so we had my brother bring of his great Dane a few times and slowly my son overcame his fear.

  • My daughter use to be afraid of the dark when she was little, we bought her a flashlight to take to bed with her, which helped. Thanks for having this contest.

  • My grandson was afraid of the dark but since we got a little night light he has faced it and now is okay with sleeping in the dark.

  • This fear isn’t one you can overcome. We talk and try and work it out the best way we can. When the ones are capable of absolutely anything unimaginable and the Police, courts, childrens services will not do anything at all to protect the children, we have to go on a day to day basis and pray for the best for this child.

  • My son had a fear of the dark. We bought him a glow turtle to get over the fear of being in the dark. He is happy now that it lights up his room in a glowing color and is not afraid anymore.

  • My 7 year old got over the fear of the dark because we got her a flashlight and when ever she needed to she turned it on and knew everything was OK.

  • my daughter overcame her fear of the dark by dimming her night light a little each week,

  • My son for the longest time was afraid of the vacuum and the sound it made. When he was younger, the hubs scared him by accident and from that moment on he would run screaming and crying. I didn’t want him to be scared of it forever especially since I will always need to vacuum so slowly I began to try to let him stay and watch and then when he was comfortable I would let him help me by either standing next to me holding the handle or just standing next to me. Now he is 3 and isn’t really scared of it and always wants to help me clean the living room just so he can help vacuum the floor.

  • My daughter has a fear of sleeping in a room alone. She will “try” sleeping out in the living room alone to get over her fear

  • My daughter has a strong faith in GOD and she says when she has fears, she prays and knows that she will be okay.

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