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Skinny Cow Ganache Ice Cream Cones for Health & Wellness Goals



As we approach a year’s end and begin 2014, I imagine some of you are already thinking about some of your health and wellness goals for the new year. I certainly have mine in mind! Getting your health on the right track isn’t always easy. Breaking old habits can be difficult, and finding a system that you can stick to can be tricky. When I make changes to what I eat, I have found that I do better if I don’t cut treats out of my diet completely. If I’m told I can’t have any type of dessert ever, I think I might rebel! The key is finding a treat that doesn’t break the calorie bank and tastes good enough to enjoy.

Skinny Cow Chocolate Mint Ganache Ice Cream Cones #SkinnyCowGanache #shop

Nestle’s Skinny Cow treats have often been found on my grocery shopping list. They are a great way to manage the fat and calorie content in the sweets you put into your mouth. Available in select Walmart stores beginning this week are the new Skinny Cow Ganache Ice Cream Cones. I was lucky enough to receive a box of these delicious cones so I could give them a try and tell you all about the news.

Skinny Cow Ganache Ice Cream Cones #SkinnyCowGanache #shop

As of now you can find the cones in Chocolate Mousse Ganache and Chocolate Ganache Mint.  I sure love the Chocolate Ganache Mint flavor I received! They are delicious and almost taste like Christmas to me, because of the hint of creamy mint ice cream.  I personally have a difficult time eating ice cream because it is often too hard for my sensitive teeth. The Skinny Cow Ganache cones are just soft enough that they melt in my mouth. Look for them during the holidays and in 2014.

Skinny Cow Chocolate Mint Ganache Ice Cream Cone #SkinnyCowGanache #shop

With these new cones, you will get a special Ganache, which is a mixture of chocolate and cream. How can you go wrong with chocolate and cream? It is considered a delicacy, which makes these Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cones a real treat. Unlike most ganache you find in treats, these cones only contain 160 calories, so you can feel okay about indulging in them after a day of healthy living. Skinny Cow has done it again!

Eating Ice Cream #SkinnyCowGanache #shop

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