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Skylanders SWAP Force for the Nintendo 3DS



Skylanders SWAP Force

We just got the new Skylanders SWAP Force for the Nintendo 3DS and boy did I have some happy children! We already have Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants for the Wii, and my sons were very excited to play this new release. They say it is very fun. Although, my 10-year-old claims to have beaten it in 3 hours, but he says there are extra levels to keep him occupied. My 8 year old twins are still working on beating the game and, having lots of fun with it. If your kids are as excited about Skylanders as mine, they’re definitely going to love this new game featuring 3D!

Skylanders SWAP Force characters

If you don’t already know what Skylanders is, it is a series of 3 games, for kids around age 10, about these little creatures related to Spyro called “Skylanders.” The “Skylanders” protect their home, Skylands, from evil villains. The best part of these games is buying little action figures which you can place on the “Portal of Power” and they will be playable in your game! There are many different heroes with different abilities to choose from, and now with SWAP Force, you can even swap the tops and bottoms of the new SWAP Force characters to make cool new configurations.

swap force

In Skylanders SWAP Force, the Skylanders are blasted off their home of Skylands down to Earth by the same volcano that gives them their magic. It also gives them the new swapability powers which they use to save Skylands. My boys especially enjoy swapping tops and bottoms on the new SWAP Force characters to make fun new characters with different abilities. I do get the feeling the 3DS version of the game was made to be shorter than the console version. As far as I can tell from my kids though, it’s still very fun and worth getting! This game is available for 3DS, 2DS, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox one, PS3, and PS4.

Reduced from $74.00, you can now get Skylanders SWAP Force for just $49.99 on Amazon!

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